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I was just reading the news article on the main site and left a comment that I will gladly expound upon for those who ask.  Although in theory everyone should have read the article I have found many people skip over even obvious banners in favor of speed on thier way to the forums or wiki or anywhere else in the site... more over some just blatantly skip past the main site via saved links.

So whether you are new or old in the development world I would greatly recommend this read to you all.


Developer Introductions / The Arcane Haven - Arcane Studios
« on: Sep 03, 11, 09:55:03 PM »
Hello I am Nightshadow. Or you may call me Talos.  I am the founder and owner of The Arcane Haven.  A multipronged business that has three branches.  The particular branch you should now bout is the Arcane Studios.  Our Primary Project is called The Kyran Realms.

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