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Developer Introductions / Re: The Arcane Haven - Arcane Studios
« on: Sep 04, 11, 03:48:56 AM »
Thank you and all in good time.  As I have learned the hard way I keep my projects a secret these days as many of my ideas have been stolen over the years.  Not to say everyone or anyone would take my ideas here but it is a risk I dont wanna take.  But hopefully soon you will begin seeing some of my work once it is established enough to be classified as intelectual property.

Developer Introductions / The Arcane Haven - Arcane Studios
« on: Sep 03, 11, 09:55:03 PM »
Hello I am Nightshadow. Or you may call me Talos.  I am the founder and owner of The Arcane Haven.  A multipronged business that has three branches.  The particular branch you should now bout is the Arcane Studios.  Our Primary Project is called The Kyran Realms.

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