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General Discussion / Re: Windows Vista and HeroBlade
« on: Nov 17, 11, 11:05:48 PM »
i had this happen with .net and with games 4 windows... in both cases it was as simple as resinatlling to repair whatever file it was looking for that wasnt installed properly and in both cases it worked out fine.  Granted niether of these involved hero engine but similar circumstances none the less.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Please refine this wiki page
« on: Nov 16, 11, 10:45:11 AM »
well if that is true then I am really old school cause I write my OO Code linear.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Please refine this wiki page
« on: Nov 16, 11, 10:29:32 AM »
havent read it yet but even in what I know of object oriented coding each object is still written generally linear unless you are using my favorite little code which is likely to get someone to yell at me... the GOTO loop.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Please refine this wiki page
« on: Nov 16, 11, 09:45:39 AM »
Seems pretty straight-forward to me.  Where you put a function in a script doesn't matter because its not processing from top to bottom.

You are correct that that page doesn't detail the rest of the template.  However, I would suggest that detailing the contents of the cmdTemplate would be outside of the scope of that page.  Afterall, that page is meant to get you setup with a "hello world" script.  So at most you might simply add a link to another page that discusses the contents.

Agreed murdock though didnt know it doesnt matter where in the script you put the function... but then this does seem to defy everything i know bout programming...

As for the details of the template thats why i recommended a second page bout that template and a link on the tutorial page saying look here.


Ok so ya follow the tutorial right... everything works out fine and what not.  But it tells you to use the cmdTemplate  which of course thens creates a premade and simple template for utilizing a server side command function.  However in the process of this tutorial it doesnt appear to go into breaking down what is written in this template... If a page exists of this template where it is broken down then merely drop in a line after saying use this template and say for more information of this template go here... TEMPLATE!... and also it says add function... but doesnt say where in the command template to add the function. 

So yeah these are my two ideas on how to make this page better.

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Script Revision History
« on: Nov 15, 11, 08:05:46 AM »
Ok so i plan to do a bunch of experimental programming that will likely break my world if I do something dumb... so is there a way to create a backup point for the if and WHEN i do break the world?

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Kyran Realms
« on: Nov 15, 11, 02:14:04 AM »
The Kyran Realms now has a form of a website that although nearly entirely incomplete it is a starting point for notifying the public as to progress being made on the game and to allow for the spread of the game's awareness.

Please refer to www.facebook.com/TheKyranRealms  and hit the like button as well as spread the word to your friends on facebook so that awareness may increase.

Developer Hero Projects / The Kyran Realms
« on: Nov 15, 11, 02:09:00 AM »
Hello and welcome to the first official posting of the Kyran Realms(first on these forums). While we do not have any art or videos to show you yet we have been hard at work on many fronts from writing up a proper GDD to creating some concept art and technical ideas to refining said ideas. 

The Kyran Realms is a land torn from time and space. After the Great Wars that destroyed the universe the 13 Immortals managed to saved pieces of many worlds and many peoples and bring them to a new land. This savage and Untamed Land is ripe for the taking as you arrive in a land of untold riches and even greater dangers. A land of magic... a land of technology... a land of mystery.

Some Key Features to be eventually included in the game but not nessecarily at time of release:

  • A never ending seemless world
    13 Provincial Governments
    Empty frontiers for players to build as they see fit
    Entire world built by players
    Magical abilities created by players
    Steamworks created by players
    Most items are player made
    Death has permanent consequences and can even be the end
    Total interactive world.  Climb anything, swim anywhere, destroy anything, reshape the land.
    Flying creatures and devices
    Waterbourne creatures and devices
    Flying combat and waterbased combat
    Mounted Combat
    Live FPS Style Combat - Optional Traditional RPG Style Combat
    Guns, Bows, Swords and Siege Engines
    Player built and controlled governments
    Trains and Portal Paths allow for Mass Transit.
    Skill based leveling system
    Time based/Usage Based Skill Learning

As things unfold certain information will be revealed about the game as well as videos and screenshots.

ALL INFORMATION FOUND IN THIS TOPIC ARE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF "The Arcane Haven" and it's Subsidiary "Arcane Entertainment".  Spreading of this information or attempt to duplicate it is in violation of the Intellectual Property Rights and subject to civil and perhaps criminal course.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Flowchart Tools
« on: Nov 11, 11, 04:11:30 PM »
realtime collaberation outside the workplace.... Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, PHPBB, Yahoo Messenger,  Group Emails,  Conference calls, Chat rooms, FTP Servers, P2P communication systems like peoplePC, IRC.....

need i say more that does not include the word google?

Sorry I have issues with google and java...

we resolved this issue... first of all... DONT UNINSTALL! somebody around here likes recommending this as a first step...

Anyways unless this is a totally new scenario it is an error in the display system.  Hit awaken world and it should say scheduled for awakening or whatever... wait longer than 48 seconds and hit login again and it will refresh the server list and SHOULD show the server as UP.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Flowchart Tools
« on: Nov 08, 11, 07:45:17 PM »
We have the same clauses in our EULA Nightshadow, and people unfamiliar with the language raised the same concerns. I would really recommend having a contracts attorney familiar with IP and digital rights walk you through any contracts you've observed where you think you're somehow being screwed over. It will make your blood pressure go down a lot. :-)

Also, Mind Mapper is the greatest visual concept organization tool evAr. And exports to flash as an interactable file.

howd you know my blood pressure is off the charts?  And with most company I dont look so closely for thier hidden loophole crap but google is evil and even thier contract portions shown here are lies because they are cataloging the entire internet and dont delete anything they keep a copy of every website, message and file that passes through thier systems.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Flowchart Tools
« on: Nov 08, 11, 07:40:55 PM »
Google owns all Intellectual Property Rights in the Services.

Loopholes... owns ALL IP rights IN the services

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Flowchart Tools
« on: Nov 08, 11, 07:33:47 AM »
Chance favors the prepared mind.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Flowchart Tools
« on: Nov 08, 11, 06:52:21 AM »

Also you can set up a multiple access remote desktop and keep everything on a single server and then several mice can enter the same system at one time and modify things... this is a wee bit comlicated...

I repeat do NOT use google for anything!

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Flowchart Tools
« on: Nov 08, 11, 06:50:26 AM »
Google EULA agreement states that anything you use through google.com, Google Inc, Google Chrome etc.  Is the propertry of Google and thus you have no rights.  DO NOT USE GOOGLE FOR  PROPRIETARY INFORMATION!

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