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I am now attending Full-Sail University on-line to finish a BS in Game Design. This idea was actually given to me by one of the forum members here. Thank you!

I believe that I am an awesome person to create a Japanese Mythology based MMORPG because I have studied Japanese language and culture for over 10 years. All of the other martial arts games I have played are obviously poorly made in my opinion. They always mix cultures. * A Japanese pagoda next to a Chinese house in a place that looks like Thailand.

Rising Sun, AKA Feudal Japan, AKA Red Sun, AKA Shinobi to Meiyou, AKA Patience & Honor

will be strictly Japanese art, history, and mythology. (For those of you who want a real: Ninja, Samurai, or Kitsune experience.)

Anyone else attending Full-Sail or that is Full-Sail alumni; If you want to form a chat group or something that would be neat.

Off Topic / Re: An ode to my chair
« on: Dec 10, 11, 11:12:31 AM »
My Chair says: "See you soon in heaven!" to your chair.

This thing looks worse than my teeth after a 4 week drinking and snack-food binge with (no brushing.)
The back metal hinges barely holding together. The cushions stained with food, blood, sweat, and tears. I sit at a 35 degree angle to the left whenever I lean to look out the window.

When finally, I finish a game and make my first 400 bucks: I am going to buy an awesome chair because; char, as much as I love you... You SUCK! lol

Just some thoughts to all those who want to create a classless skill system for their game.

Make sure there is some serious (at least internally) structure. Keep in mind that what is and what people see are two completely different things. Also you will likely have to re-balance everything each time a new ability or skill is added. (or at least make sure that you have maintained balance.)

Not that I am at all overly-qualified to give advice on the subject. I am just adding some of my understanding to the equation for you all. Please feel free to do the same.

One thought that I have heard against classless systems is this: If all your skills are available to all players then there will unavoidably be a combination of skills that comes out on top. That being the case if you only allow 10 skills per player than eventually all players will have the same 10 skills. Actually anyway you chalk it up; in this scenario all end game characters end up the same.

Just something to consider avoiding when in design. =)



I have heard a lot of people in the gaming industry comment negatively on classless character systems. Many believe that in an MMO environment the idea is simply not possible to pull off.

Do you have an idea for a class-less character system that you want to share and think will work?

Do you have a reason why you think it cannot be accomplished?

Either way please be courteous to those who do not agree.


Just so you know I believe it is possible to pull off an incredibly fun and functional classless character system. I would just like to hear more of what other folks working with Hero think.

That's awesome Andy! Would you want to join my team. Lol not that you aren't already bogged down with work from Simutronics or anything. ;p

Seriously though, I am encouraging all people interested in making Ninja, Samurai, or even just martial arts based MMO games to apply.

Let's work together to make one amazing Martial Arts MMO instead of 100 ok Martial Arts MMOs.

Gambarimasho ne

Just cause you put that I have to say: I suck at reading and writing. I wouldn't even pass a simple Kanji test if I took one. I have spent all my time studying Japanese (about 10 years off and on) by myself and hardly talking with any actual Japanese people. This does mean that if I had to on the the fly i would probably say a lot of improper things when translating: like please pass the refrigerator. I can only read kana and some simple kanji from memory.

That being said the study of Japanese history, language, and mythology have been quite a hobby of mine since I was 19. I am 33 years old now. My first major in college was computer science & my second was Anthropology with an emphasis in Linguistics. I dropped out of college about 5 years ago because I got kidney disease. I am currently on disability, on dialysis, and am working on this game.

A Japanese Mythology Based MMORPG

 Rising Sun

 Live your own tale as a ninja, samurai, karateka, monk, or your own martial arts legend. Travel the world of ancient Japan, learn a variety of martial arts techniques, academic studies, and magical applications. Hunt and take down a vast assortment of Oni(Demons), Yurei(Ghosts), and Obake(Monsters) thus far unexplored by the western gaming world.


Rising Sun MMORPG

Lead Game Designer - Joseph Davidson

Hello All, I have been designing this game for over 8 years and have been working on the GDD (work in progress) for about the last 3 years. I have spent the past 15 years studying the Japanese language and culture. I have a good understanding of Japanese history, mythology, and conversational language. I am currently learning to script in HSL.

I speak conversational Japanese
I have studied much Japanese history and mythology

It is nice to meet you all.

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