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Design & World Building / [Resolved] Water Water Water....
« on: Jun 22, 12, 03:24:45 AM »
Our group is finding this engine less appeasing to work with.
First there was the graphic issue with the water. After mucking around with that, we managed to get it to be a semi suitable state.
Now the physics of the water, is being highly uncooperative. Considering most of the our avatars are going to be floating in the water, not riding the top line.

When trying to set the physics for the ships. our ships end up being catapulted off the game board like a kick ball or something.

If you have any information how to set it so there is a wake depth for ships that would be great.

But this is a serious problem for us.

We are building an ActionRTS Top-Down view game based on the Caribbean theme. However when we set the water transparency to .003 it does not look transparent.

It looks like the cheesy default. We have cube map in place, set appropriate.
Please help...

General Discussion / [Resolved] Connection Issues.
« on: May 09, 12, 02:41:24 PM »
When trying to connect to the  Hero Blade, or Repository.
It says spinning up and hangs.

I checked my firewalls, and I pinged several other servers around the world.
There is no kink or problem in communication from this end.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the client/files.
Still no connection.

Reset all the permissions for all the folders
still no connection

Can someone look into this matter?

Was able to log in on last Friday, this morning it wouldn't launch.

Developer Introductions / GamerzDEN: A Big Hello!
« on: May 09, 12, 02:34:19 PM »

Hey everyone, This is Ceric “Evilmincer” Lasentri, from GamerzDEN. We are a company based out of (USA)Michigan and have partners around the globe.  (Germany, Philippines, Russia and Norway).  We currently have 22 employees working with us. All experienced in Coding, modeling, and game development. We are also recruiting developers from all fields, and of experience levels.
If you are interested contact us on our facebook page.


GamerzDEN was formed from a large group of like minded gamers who strive on excellence. When we say excellence. We mean the game balance, stability, and account security. 

Game Balance:
The money system, designed to be stable, and fluid. Markers are put in place that prevent market cornering and selling overpriced items, and inflating the market, making it virtually impossible for the newbies to get a foot hold in the game.

The Damage System, designed to be accurate, and sentient. What we mean by sentient, is our balance system will evolve, based on on the imagination of people, we are allowing infinite combining and experimenting. Giving a sense of an intelligence. Not quite an AI writeup. These weapons will be noticeable in the upgrades, but not insanely overpowered. Our game “concept” or algebraic  balance system, has been written by mathematician from MIT.

Account Security, designed to keep hackers, bot-ters, and cheaters OUT, and the players happy and secure. Which also in turn, keeps the servers from experiencing hiccups from those people who try to cheat the system causing database errors.

We have three games under development currently, all scheduled to be released in 3 year intervals from one another. The first one is a Sea Warfare game, using auto-fire. Our goal is to put DOTA, and League of Legends, and Heroes of Nern to shame, in both Graphics, and Game Design.

Also we have something unique to add to the ActionRTS, we are integrating a Virtual World Lobby. Unlike any game out there. We are taking some concepts from multiple games, and making a new breed.

You can find out more about our game and company by liking us, and reading up.

Game Dev and Gaming / Hero Engine Game and Offsite Database
« on: May 03, 12, 05:48:41 AM »
Im new to the Hero Engine.

My team and I are creating a new game.

With a very complex formular  which allows infinite combination features, a sophisticated monetary AI, one that is fluid, and non linear.

"and we hope it will be able to transmogrify  to any game as a plugin"

We do not wish to share our formular on the hero engine until we have fine tuned it, and published it.

My question is simple.

Can we develop a game, using an offsite database, instead of the traditional hero engine?

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