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Design & World Building / [Resolved] region nodes & triggers
« on: Nov 20, 10, 08:30:06 PM »
Hey Guys,

just want to know if there is a way to resize triggers like you can do it with region nodes?
Or the opposite, is there a way to check if a player have entered a certain region?
also it would be nice to know what the UserData Field on Triggers is used for, or if there is a way to find out which trigger send the event.

Would be great if either some of this would work. Appreciate any help.



Design & World Building / Re: Time of Day to Syncing
« on: Nov 05, 10, 08:27:44 PM »
I have played a bit with it.

Seems like a bug, or I just missed something, cause I can set the speed of day lets say to ... 9
and copy it to all areas which works. But as soon as I restart hero blade, it is not saved anymore.

Any suggestions? Is it a bug or did we do it just wrong? If so, how needs it to be done right?

Thanks for help!


Scripting & Programming / Re: Raycasting & 3D Math
« on: Nov 01, 10, 01:51:52 PM »
ah thank you, havn't seen that function. :)


Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Raycasting & 3D Math
« on: Oct 30, 10, 11:19:30 PM »
Hey Guys,

i need to find out wether a character is grounded or not, therefor i wanna use a simple raycast from the character down and check it's length. Can anybody point me in a direction where to find methods for that?
I have found RaycastPhysX() , but i didn't find any documentation or something regarding this method or its parameters.

any help appreciated


Heroblade is the Clientsoftware you are working with, you can host your own server, but then you need to buy a full license.

Herocloud servers are hosted by HE, so they host one for you.
Benefits are up to you, most likely the server is running ~24/7, you can work from everywhere and you can work together with a team easily.
It is worth its fee, you will get 1 license for 25 people to use.

Changes are "easy" to make, but it depends what you consider as "easy".
If you are a single hobby artist looking for something that brings your models alive, you look probably on the wrong end. You will require a Team to get a full game running, alone it will take ages.

Hope it helps.


Scripting & Programming / Re: System areas and areas in general
« on: Oct 16, 10, 08:50:23 PM »
how will the system recognize that this single area is capable of managing "groups" for example and not any other area? do i have to check in every method in the GroupClassMethods that the area is getAreaNumber() == xxxxxx ?
or how does the system know which area will manage groups?

basically what i wanna know is, i have a script FO_PlayerGroupClassMethods
and i wanna know how do i make this code working inside it:

Code: [Select]

if(inviteeAccount == 0)
  // check world server
  inviteeAccount = $WORLD._FindPlayerByName(inviteeUpper)

so right now i have added this code to the HE_PostOnAreaLoad in E_AreaClassMethods, is this the wrong way?
just trying to understand how it is working.

Code: [Select]

if(GetAreaNumber() == 9223372057803796481)
  $WORLD._RegisterSystemArea( "PLAYER" )
  $WORLD._RegisterSystemArea( "AREA" )
  area.Script = FO_PlayerGroupClassMethods
  Debug( "AreaSpinUp", "FO_Groups System Area registered and SpinUp.")

can anybody help me out here?


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