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Off Topic / Re: Nutfair is Back in Town
« on: Sep 20, 11, 05:44:31 AM »
Ohohoho, don't you lie to me, Cooper. I can see that deception in your eyes. Tellllll usss whattt youuu know.

Off Topic / Nutfair is Back in Town
« on: Sep 19, 11, 10:31:29 AM »
Been on a little hiatus. Figured it was good for us to get a break from the computers before we dove into this project. I see a lot has changed around here and we have some fish in the sea. The forum is looking a lot better now. Any big projects or teams catching attention? How's everyone been? You mussstt catch us up on all the juicy details.

Off Topic / Re: Ok I had to share this!
« on: Aug 10, 11, 08:46:40 AM »
Congratulations, man!

As soon as I get a GED I'll be right behind you! Lmao!

Game Dev and Gaming / What do you want in an MMO?
« on: Aug 10, 11, 08:45:01 AM »
Well, I'm sure we've all played our fair share of MMO's here. I know I've poured over every F2P to ever hit the market and about half of the P2P. If you've played any fair amount of time I'm sure you've jumped on their forum to say, "HEY, DO THIS YOU STUPID GAME DESIGNERS!" or "WTF IS ALL THIS ABOUT, N00B". I want to get all of that started beforehand, because that is when it really matters. T.I.M. is all about producing quality. We want to cut down on pointless timesinks, cookie-cutter characters, and slow gameplay. I'm very iffy about really discussing anything related to our specific project's details until things are a little more solidified, but I'll give you the very basic core outline and from there you tell me.

1) What you'd like to see in a MMO that has or hasn't been done before. Let your imaginations run wild.
2)What you DO NOT want to see in an MMO. The things that you hate.
3)Things you've seen in an MMO with potential, but never get used correctly (and how you think it should be applied.
4) And, if you are designing as well, what kind of pitfalls are you wanting to avoid, exploit, or change?

Our game, qworeihoihfoq2iehTITLEHEREkoawhweofihoehfq, is HIGH action HIGH RolePlay VERYHIGH designers HIGH platformer and HIGH othernoncombataspects. Areas are not about just running around AOE'ing 100 mobs every minute. Battles with foes, even just one, are complex and take thought, reaction, and strategy; not just "HIGHEST DPS ATTACK! REPEAT! REPEAT! REPEAT! REPEAT!. Levels are built to challenge the player and draw on his skill, not just his skills (BigDog ;) ) Anyways, that's all I really want to discuss because I'm no master of HE yet, but I have been working out this system for a long time now and I'm 100% sure HE can handle it flawlessly. Just want new ideas though. I know what I hate and want to avoid or add, but what about you?

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Goals / What we're working on-
« on: Aug 04, 11, 01:26:17 PM »
To add in my two cents, I just wanted to say that in order to help any project run smoothly your producer / team lead / head developer should make sure you put together a Game Design Document (GDD). Now, you may be thinking "I know what I want to do with my game!" or perhaps "I write all our ideas down on paper!" but honestly, that is not enough. A GDD gives you a bit more structure, you write it up, add to it as you go, and basically treat it as a bible for game creation. Just writing out a GDD may get you going on ideas you didn't think of before... or perhaps didn't realize you needed to think of.

There are several different templates out there for creating a GDD. The downside is that most of them are based around single player games and not MMOs. However, I had found one here: http://diltz.wordpress.com/ that is a fantastic start to a nice MMO GDD. Just add in some extra sections, change it up for your game, and in no time you should have a document you can pull up and reference any time you get in a bind.

Agreed. A well-written GDD is essential, especially if members come in later down the line that haven't been around since the idea's birth. Possibly one of the most essential parts of any game development structure.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Goals / What we're working on-
« on: Aug 04, 11, 11:06:16 AM »
Hey, just checked your survey out and gave it some answers. Like the direction you are heading. We too are really focusing on building this core sense of "RP" that seems to get left out of MMORPG's today. I grow so tired of going to a PVP zone to see either the Invincible Tank or the Glass Cannon "option" pretty much, everyone wearing the same outfits, spamming the same spells, and using the same weapons. Hope things work out for the best and we'll definitely keep an eye on this project.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: What are you doing?
« on: Aug 04, 11, 10:13:23 AM »
Boy, do we know what you mean. Be warned, TL;DR

Back in the day we started with E.S. mods and we were a small team of two. At that time, we were Nutfair and we thought, well you're all in the same boat, you know what we thought. However, as reality set in a little more we actually found a silver lining that wasn't there before. Our team has grown to four core members, but in reality our staff is in the hundreds, if not thousands. Because we spotted all this talent just stagnating around; graphical artists who were too new to sell high-end models, but were still excellent; programmers that are just trying to push their way through college; voice experts that just fiddled their time away on forums with no one to pay them any attention. That's when we learned that we can all help one another out and thus  Nutfair was no longer just Nutfair, but it was The Indie Movement as well. While we don't feel we're really at the financial point to advertise for new "actual" staff-members, we love to grab or purchase any indie publishing we can.

What was once a 1$ 3D model just wasting away online is now the core character design. What was just a free drawing from an aspiring artist that wants his name out is now the logo for a studio that hopes to push T.I.M to a new level. We love including everyone we can in any way possible. Different art styles, sound flows, and my personal favorite is the huge library of lore we have from old RP buddies. We learned that Nutfair needs T.I.M. as much as the other way around. And of course every single person gets well deserved credits. It doesn't matter if we just got a 3D model of a pebble in the background on a level you'll never see. T.I.M Nutfair is a studio that is powered by the masses just as much as it is by our staff. And of course we want to do everything possible to return a helping hand to the indie community, because this is where the heart of gaming lives. Not in million dollar companies wanting to increase their Q2 revenue with a new Download-pack, but with the gamers that got tired of saying "I could do so much better than that" and decided to actually do better.

I have a feeling HE is going to do good things for indie MMO's and the overall MMORPG market over the next couple of years. ;D Definitely a move for the better.

General Discussion / Re: A Little Confused
« on: Aug 01, 11, 10:48:17 AM »
Ah, okay. Thanks a million. That really cleared some things up. We'll definitely start looking into the art server and getting polished in the Sandbox while we wait. Can't wait to finally get things on the ball.

General Discussion / [Resolved| A Little Confused
« on: Aug 01, 11, 09:38:21 AM »
Okay, so we are a little confused as to how this all works out. Just can't seem to get the real difference between HeroCloud, HeroEngine, HeroBlade, and HeroJourney ;D. Well, we understand it to a degree, but our main concern is about this "automation build process". We applied through email and received a response saying we had a HeroCloud license and were in queue for the automation build through 8.3 - 8.11.

So, we're still unclear. Does that mean until the 3rd we can only work with this sandbox and then for that time period we can use the full power of the engine, or that through that date we should build in the sandbox and you're going to evaluate some worlds, still not getting exactly what's going on. Does this HeroCloud license only give us access to use the Sandbox? I'm sure I could probably keep on reading to find the answer, but I've been looking around for a while. ;D

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