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News & Announcements / Happy Holidays!
« on: Dec 25, 16, 11:53:42 AM »
Season’s Greetings from the HeroEngine family to yours.
May your holidays and the New year be filled with everything that makes you smile.

We want to give a big congratulations to Farmer3D and their team. Their game was Greenlit on Steam Friday, 21 October.  Their new website will be live in the next few weeks, along with more information and timelines.


Hero News:
We also have updated our Roadmap last week. You may see several new things, including updated physics. As we get closer to release, you may see many new changes.  We have added a secondary colour to the chart to help our readers view what has been added or updated to the list. You can view the HeroEngine RoadMap here:  http://www.heroengine.com/heroengine/he-roadmap

There are also several other additions in the works and almost finished. Our dedicated engineers have been very busy and working hard. We hope to have a few new updates in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!

News & Announcements / Small update for July/August!
« on: Aug 10, 16, 07:13:29 PM »
Yay! Roadmap progress has been updated, Visions of Zosimos and their 2nd successful Gen Con and yes, a new tutorial by the communities own Patrick McGuire!

    We have a small update and some news!  As many know development of D3D11 has been underway and we have begun the first steps of alpha testing. This can take some time as we at Idea Fabrik want to make sure that we have covered all major aspects that you, the developers need. With the help of the wonderful community we have been able to progress quite far and are excited about the future of HeroEngine and the wonderful games our great Indies are making.
          Read more here: http://heroengine.com/news/updates/july-august-updates

Hello and good morning everyone!   ;D
    I would like to know what are some common questions you would have for the Hero Market (Asset Market) that you would have either as a seller or a purchaser.

    Please list any and all of your questions here so we can start to build the Hero Market FAQ. There can never be too many or any stupid ones, let us hear them all!

Looking forward to your questions!


The HeroEngine Sale is finished, but it is not over!

Our Anniversary sale is over, We want to thank everyone that joined the HeroEngine Community. Thank you for all the support!

We want to recognize the many promising projects starting up and some great progress in development from our current games. Let us know if you have any news you would like us to announce and share. Good work Dev Teams! We are looking forward to see what you can do!
Development process for the next update has gone smoothly, and we are currently testing the latest build. This will be released soon, so stay tuned to the forums for news on the most recent update and patch notes.

Moving Forward Progress:

Here is an updated list of our progress! As usual no dates will be posted, but we do want to show off our progress behind the scenes! Those exciting things for the upcoming year are getting closer!

     Render Engines Testing: ████████████████████ 100%

         Render Code Review: ██████████░░░░░░░░░░   50%

            HeroBlade Update: ████████████████████ 100%

    HeroBlade Update Testing: ███████████████████░  95%
           DirectX 11 Update: █████████████░░░░░░░  65%

                Shader Update: ████████████████████ 100%

                  New Website: ███████████████████░  95%

             Client Web Tools: ████████░░░░░░░░░░░░  40%

      Web Account updates: █████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░  25%

               Forum Updates: ██████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░  30%

           Hero Market Alpha: ███████████████████░  95%

Hero Market Alpha Assets: ██████████████████░░  90%



We at Idea Fabrik are celebrating our 5th anniversary! To do this, we are having a special one time only sale on the source code. For more information take a look here: http://www.heroengine.com/2016/03/heroengine-source-sale/

Email us and inquire while the offer lasts!

General Discussion / Is your game on IndieDB?
« on: Mar 15, 16, 01:04:35 PM »
Is your game on IndieDB? ( http://www.indiedb.com/ )

If so, let us know here! I (or someone else) will collect the list and post it up once a month on our FB page. It will also help a lot for once we have the new site up and running as well!

So, share with us your IndieDB link to your game here! (If you do not have one, go make one!)

News & Announcements / Sales are back online
« on: Feb 01, 16, 08:23:35 AM »
We are happy to announce that HeroCloud and HeroEngine sales were back online 3 days early. Our first sales of the New Year was the 28th. Please help to spread the word! http://www.heroengine.com/herocloud/download-herocloud/

Many thanks to the Hero Community! With your ongoing support and feedback we have been able to turn sales back on and to move forward with development and updates.  We also want to give a special thanks to our engineers. IF Studios’ team of talented and dedicated engineers have continued to support our developers and to work towards reopening sales. They are working hard towards the new development phase.

Though there is still a lot to do to transition from R&D to Production, the engineers have been working hard so we can begin the next era of HeroEngine. It might seem slow out of the gate, but the progress will pick up as we get closer to the goals.

Below is a list of major milestones that we have been working on, in cooperation with the HeroEngine Community. Some of these tasks we started last fall.  Please note that there are no specific delivery dates, because of the reorganization in the past 4 months, some tasks may take longer than others; which is the nature of agile development. Nonetheless, we want to share with you the progress of what we have been working on.


[Edit: I was reminded by someone over at the Repo forums that I have not updated or noted the recent changes to this post. Thanks! Sorry I missed January's update! It is coming soon...  ;) ]

We are very excited with some of the news we have for you today. Idea Fabrik and IF Studios have gone through some changes over the last three months.  We have stabilized our situation despite some issues we have gone through since November. Because of this, we are comfortable to announce a few of the new things we have planned. We still face some growing pains, but this will not and has not stopped us from moving forward.

Due to hard work and dedication from the entire IFS team, we have been able to make several positive adjustments; including reducing server costs, finished R&D and our development plan, completed some very important testing and code review, and continued to work on several other special things behind the scenes. Our aim towards better graphics and functionality of the engine has not wavered. Some of this work you will see soon, while other parts will be released in stages over the course of the next 12 months. We will continue to work hard to provide and improve the best service in our industry.

Our New Year’s announcement that many of you were expecting and keep asking about had to be postponed. Until now! We have some very exciting things planned for the next few months and throughout the next year.

    HeroCloud sales are coming back!
As many of you know, new account creation was never disabled. For the new members that have joined and shown support in the last three months, we want to thank you very much. Though new account creation was never shut down or turned off, we did disable sales of HeroCloud subscriptions while we were sorting out a few issues. Not all of these have been resolved and the primary cause of the partial shutdown is still being worked on. However, we have been able to secure our position that we feel comfortable to turn HeroCloud sales back on! We will be completing a special Thank You to our community, then normal sales will return on 31 January.

    Change is coming!
We want to thank all those from the community that have helped us test and give critical input on a new look and feel for a new site. Everything from suggestions to the great constructive criticism has only helped us strive to give everyone a more comfortable and easy process to browse through our entire site. Expect to see these changes real soon! We have some internal testing to do before we do the transition. We are really excited to release the new look and features. Our primary focus for the upcoming changes are Usability and ease of access, better and direct information, mobile friendly and important news and announcements.

    There is more! ... A Market?
We are very excited to announce that we will have the very long awaited Hero Market coming real soon! This will start with an Alpha test to make sure that we have all the functionality required as well as our new payment system to test in a live environment. This will have limited assets to start with, and we have received several applications to join in on the new Hero Market. A select few have been chosen, and we will begin to release those assets to the market place. If you are interested to participate please send us an email or contact our COO for more information.

We will have a few phases 1) Alpha with few assets to test functionality and get input from the community, 2) Beta where we open up the sales to more of our current community members, and 3) last will be the Live release where everyone can submit their art.

More details will come soon as we get closer to the final live Hero Market. These details will include requirements, steps required, billing and payment information, and a Q&A thread just for Hero Market questions.

    The Future is Bright!
We will also be releasing our roadmap in the upcoming months. This is something that past management was against, but I believe that this will help both the community and us to able to give valuable feedback and information. It will have a list of tasks/features that we have planned and the progress on those tasks. Dates however, will not be released. With this type of development, so many things can occur that can postpone or slow down development in one particular area. However we do want to let you, the community, know what we are working on.
Yes, this does include DirectX 11 and a few other nice and nifty changes this year. Yes, you saw that correctly, DX11 is coming this year!

General Discussion / What would you buy?
« on: Jan 23, 16, 09:33:26 PM »
I would like to open up a discussion regarding a Market for HeroEngine.
What kind of assets would you all like to see or want to buy on a Hero Market?

Myself, I would buy rigged/skinned character models. Most that know me, knows that my skinning skills stink!

General Discussion / New FAQ's Page- What do you want?
« on: Jan 10, 16, 10:47:52 AM »
This is a simple and short post and question..
What kind of questions and answers would you like to see on a real FAQ's page?  (Note, this is not for wiki or long detailed "how-to's" But simple FAQ's that can help answer questions or point in the correct direction.)

So far I have the following Categories

News & Announcements / Community and IF Update
« on: Dec 14, 15, 02:40:06 PM »
Hello Hero Community,
    We are happy to let everyone know that servers are running and our staff and engineers are working hard, despite organizational challenges. There has been a lot of work done in the last six weeks. We know that our work is not always visible, but do know that HeroEngine and HeroCloud are up and kicking. IF Studios and Idea Fabrik are still working to continue to bring you the service and support you want and need.
Some of you may have been wondering about the two services that are not enabled right now: New account creations and Update pushes.

    We do welcome new clients to fulfill their dreams of new MMOS, we thought it would be unfair to have them purchase a HeroCloud license in case we would experience a temporary blackout. On November 20th, we disabled the new account creation/purchase of Hero Engine licenses to be fair to new comers. We do plan on turning registration/purchase of HeroEngine back on no later than first of the year.
In regards to the updates and pushes, we had to lay off engineers due to a newly arisen issue with one of our contracts. However, that is nearing a close and we are now confident that we will be able to move forward and our engineers are committed to HeroEngine.
Below are just highlights of what we are now working on right now:
    •   Completion of milestone outline for the next year
    •   Working on the back-end server in preparation for more updates
    •   Preparing for a nice technology update next quarter (which is a major step to a bigger update later in the year)
    •   Supporting all current teams with server, HSL, world and other areas of development on HeroCloud
Engineers continue to work on server maintenance, updates, support and most of all, planning for the near future.
    •   ALL HeroCloud Development servers are up and running
    •   HeroEngine support is working to help those that need direct support, help or tip
    We are 100% committed to continue to support all games and our developers, by working with them to help sort out issues, problems and continue to support their decisions is a big part of our vision.

Thank you as always,
IF Studio team

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