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I wonder if there is a way to make the textures stop look like a big lined field if you scale it very high?
Actually even World of Warcraft has this problem, so is there even a way to "fix" this?

Here is an example (World of Warcraft) :

Here is an example (Hero) :

The problem is highly visible with our textures. (512x512 Photoshop .dds)

Thank you!

General Discussion / [RESOLVED] Setup is confusing
« on: Sep 30, 11, 04:40:50 PM »

My development world is just finished and now i need to setup.

Are there any tutorials on how to setup all the things like:

-art pipeline
-art server
-setup of the folders ( i think i need to create the HE folder)
-3rd party Tools like Speedtrees

Could you please write a tutorial or if a tutorial already exists send me the link to it.
It is really confusing, because i can't finde tutorials at all.

Thank you!

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