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Will material Swapping be similar to UDK, where you can edit the materials of a object inside the engine,changing the paramters of textures.

I've watched some videos on youtube and they do things like snow and water with them by changing the paramters of textures which I hope we can soon do.  :)


Edit: I just found the Material Instances Wiki Page.


Design & World Building / Re: [Resolved] SpeedTree 6 license
« on: Nov 20, 12, 03:06:24 PM »
You shouldn't have to do anything to your world if your a HeroCloud user, itll update when you go to log on.  That is if it is like any of the previous updates.

Just check back every few days for updates, and check out the news section of the forums.


If the images decide to work, thats what we are going for, really basic shapes, just a rectangle box.  Getting the look with textures using heightmaps will make it 100 times easier than doing it using models.

So, back to the orignal questions,

is it possible to make the terrain stitch to for flat walls?  Ill post a picture of what it does now.
I was thinking of possibly using an upper and lower heightmaps and use models for walls, but would prefer to get the heightmaps to make flat walls.

Seems you cant place a heightmap verticly.

How can we edit the heightmaps indpendantly from the upper and lower?  Picture 3 shows how it paints on upper and lower as the same time, which is a slight problem, when we edit heights, if the lower goes down, so does the roof, creating bigger problems.

Im just looking for a simple yes and no, if yes, please explain how.

Thank you. :)

We want to create a cave that has flat walls, along with a mostly flat ceiling. 

We wanted to try to use heightmaps instead of making models of the cave since we can add textures and edit the heightmaps for different heights and effects in the engine. 

I went in, placed a heightmap where the other was, inverted it, stitched it, and the walls formed an angled look,(pitcure coming), any way of making them form a pefect flat wall?.   

Also, is it possible to place heghtmaps verticlay, instead of horizontal?

Another thing, when we have an inverted Heightmap, and go to edit it, both the upper and lower heightmaps do the same things at the same time, any way to make them act independanty?

You should be making areas of 256 and smaller, linking them up with seamless 2. 

If your using World Machine, there is a tiling option export in the Pro version (200$) that lets you export terrain into any size you want, Id reccomend 256, since you'll most likely have more turned on due to the planes height, clear skys, and other things, compared to your typical game where you walk around and ahave views blocked by mountains and buildings.

It is a painstaking process and no shortcut, but you will have to import each area 1 at a time, at 256, a 5km by 5km area is roughly 400 pieces, about a week to import and set up with one person.

When you export, it names it on a X and Y axis naming system, so you start at X00_Y00 and go to what ever your size is.

You'll also want to wait for saphire release and Raw16 default import, since the leveler format messes up when importing using the tiled function.

You can edit the sizes of heightmaps with the button next to create heightmap I believe, been awhile since I played with it, but DON'T GO HIGHER than 256!

Design & World Building / Re: Re: Importing Terrain
« on: Oct 31, 12, 06:15:17 PM »
We have thought out the world and gameplay, we want players to be out and about with players in a few groups instead of massive amounts of players at resource points and towns.

That is why we are using this as our test area, and then will later build the actual world, which will be truely massive.

Do you have any idea on when saphire may be released?  I know its hard to give an answer at this point, but a rough guess works. :)

2 weeks? a month?  christmas?

In the mean time, how do you go about making raw16 work, step by step would be appriciated. :)

Thanks coop :)

Design & World Building / Re: Re: Importing Terrain
« on: Oct 31, 12, 11:33:33 AM »
So we are using world machine and exported a 5km by 5km test area, broken in smaller pieces, as tiled, that are 256 by 256, then need to be placed into the engine one at a time and linked up.

When we exported that +1 option is off, and our exported files start at X00_Y00 up to X19_y19, so that is a grid of 20 by 20 pieces for a total of 400 seperate areas, to create the 5km by 5km area.

heres where we are.

We import, on the height scale of 30, position it at 0,0,0 for this first piece, then moved to the next area and imported the next piece, which is X00_Y01. got it imported, set up the area viewing and went to line up, and nothing came close.

We noticed that when we import, we get a 3M strip on 2 of the edges that looks wierd and sags or is not even connected, we are unsure why that happens since +1 is off.

We thought that the heightmap was flipping the 180 degrees like others stated but that seems to not be true, since X00_Y01 seems to fit north of X00_Y00, but doesnt.

They were all exported from WM pro in the tiled setting so all 400 pieces came out at once.

Has anyone else had any of the problems? 

Attached are 2 pictures of a graph and a picture of the terrain.

I need to make these images bigger, will in a bit.

Design & World Building / Re: Hieghtmap Rendering
« on: Oct 21, 12, 03:12:04 PM »
ok, so if we create a 5km by 5km area, with a 10 by 10 grid of 512m by 512m heightmaps, those heightmaps behind mountains are loaded, and just waiting to be rendered until the player crosses a point where line of sight comes into play.

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Hieghtmap Rendering
« on: Oct 21, 12, 01:40:54 PM »
Hello, we are building a test area for us to let players test gameplay and mess with world building, outside of the actual game world and I have a question.

We want to have a open world with massive places for players to explore.

We understand objects have LOD's for polys and textures and understand osculation of osscluder objects.
From reading the Wiki, heightmaps also act as osscluders, in which if a heightmap is hiding a town on the other side of a hill, that town will not render. Atleast that is what I am hoping.

But now, lets say we have a mountain, does that mountain prevent heightmaps on the other side of it from loading automaticly, or will those all be rendered since its in the same area, thus forcing us to set it up with seamless link?

Game Dev and Gaming / OUYA
« on: Oct 05, 12, 09:04:58 PM »

wondering if anyone else has seen this?

What are your thoughts?

General Discussion / Re: Hows our game running in Heroblade?
« on: Oct 03, 12, 10:28:03 AM »
So we shouldnt worry about a lower fps and go ahead and create the content we have planned?

General Discussion / Re: Hows our game running in Heroblade?
« on: Oct 03, 12, 10:10:20 AM »
Its not so much that I'm having performance issues now, its just they are gonna happen later.

In the picture, is a basic area that one of the guys was playing around with. (This is not how the game will look at all)  Now in this basic area, free of assets im only getting 57 fps, with assets, water, etc I would assume this would drop to the 20's, if not less. 

Attached are my system specs.

It's as if the server is the weak point since the assets, etc are to be cached on my computer.




General Discussion / Re: Hows our game running in Heroblade?
« on: Oct 02, 12, 09:31:13 PM »
I have some more questions, and didnt want to clutter the forums with it, so here they are.

1. Our worlds I assume are combined with one another on the same server, is this true?

EX: Our world, + several others running on the same server for cost savings on your end.

2.  Whats the difference in the specs of our worlds now over the production servers?

EX: production servers have better CPU's, more ram, etc

3.  Does the HB use the most of our system?  Like vram, ram, cpu or is there caps.  Say itll only use 4gb of ram, even if you have 16gb, same for CPU's, will it just use a single or duel core if you have 4+? 

I think thats all the questions I have on this matter.


Developer Job Board / Vortex Online - Seeking Talent
« on: Oct 02, 12, 09:34:04 AM »
Hello everyone.

Here at Dead End Games are looking for some new talented people to join us in our development.  We will list all open positions on here, so if your in need a team, and have experience, you've come to the right place.

Information about Vortex Online can be found on our IndieDB page, located here:


Possible canidates must show knowledge in their field, with artwork, gameplay, etc that they have created and have rights too.  Also, candiates must have enough free time to put forth a good effort to the project, doing 25 minutes of work a week just won't cut it.

We are looking for the following:

- 1 HSL Programmers w/ knowledge of HE

You will be joining a team of 9 other talented people in the development team.

Some information about Vortex Online can be found at the links below.

We offer great stock options for our team members and a career once we kickoff launch. 

Please send all resumes to careers@dead-end-games.com

Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: Hows our game running in Heroblade?
« on: Oct 01, 12, 09:11:25 PM »
thanks  :)

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