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Hi everyone,

I'm having a very strange problem getting sounds to upload from my FMOD Studio Banks to Hero Engine. I'm using FMOD Studio 1.05.14 and the HE Blade 2.6.7. I build a bank in FMOD, with eventsloaded into the bank, and place them in the hero engine repository audio folder.

I then go to the HE Blade, and click create, audio, find the bank, and create the bank. I then create an instance of the bank, and a speaker appears right above my caster. Now when I go to adjust the properties of the instance of the bank, and select the file path so that the FMOD event will actually load into the instance, there is no file path. It is a blank drop down menu.

So I can't get any sounds to play. Why is there no file path in the file path properties window of the instance of the FMOD bank?

Can someone please help me? Thank you!

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