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Developer Hero Projects / Re: Warhammer 40k: Damnation
« on: Aug 15, 16, 04:25:09 AM »
I can tell you getting the rights to make a game for a company like Games Workshop, especially when they have Warhammer 40k Space Marine, Mordheim and Warhammer Vermintide, is very hard.
You could spend 4+ years making this game just to get a DMCA alongside a public announcement that GW have been working on an MMO anyway.

There are some serious copyright issues involved in this idea. I personally agree with @Ratchet_dev

Developer Introductions / David
« on: Aug 15, 16, 04:08:07 AM »
Hello all!

Thought I would introduce myself. I am David from the UK, I am a professional 3D Artist working for Babcock Int. Currently looking to get into the gaming industry.

I mainly use 3DS Max and mostly enjoy and specialise in hard surface modelling and environments however I have also dabbled in some character and soft modelling.

Unfortunately working for a defence company I cant show my actual work but here is my showreel for freelance work I can show.

Click here to see my showreel

I will update this thread when I have new work to show you guys too, I'm currently working modelling a WW2 destruction environment scene, to be used for a virtual reality education company.

I'm also quite interested in online marketing and business. I founded of an online business signupfirst.com, a website showcasing exclusive deals startups give to get their first ever users, its been featured on ProductHunt, TNW and been going for around a year now. Currently working on SignUpFirst 2.0.

Nice to meet you all. :)

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