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Yes my quest is just what the title says ,Is it a good idea to use prefixes on all game specific scripts?

why i ask this is one I not a top notch programmer but I know enough to get my way around HSL and am currently working on starting the  basic systems in which are going to run our game and like when I followed the guide on adding game specific system nodes you pretty much have to use a prefix so to not override the default system nodes so I thinking of using the prefix I used so that when  my friend which is our scripter  starts working on it next week after thanksgiving he knows from the  get go all the scripts I write so he can go behind me and fix any errors that may be in my code and fix it or be able to tell me how to fix it (because he has thought me alot and thats how he usually points my errors out anyway)

so do you all think it good idea to use a prefix on all the game specific scripts?

Scripting & Programming / Remote Call vs. Replication
« on: Oct 28, 11, 04:12:01 PM »
Hi I been reading some on the wiki ,Haven't read a hole lot as I am a more hands on person and this is why I am glad you all give us access the the HJ ref world while we wait to get approved for the  application, but anyway I thought I seen somewhere in the wiki that RemoteCall functions where replaced by replication functions or the sort.. will my question is if remotecall still has any  situations where we would still use the function over  the replication and if so could I get a example??

Developer Introductions / Bangdago! Interactive
« on: Oct 25, 11, 11:55:29 AM »
Hi Just stopping by to introduce us we currently run a social network which isn't really launched  at the time but  its very close but anyway I have been a gamer since I can remember lol the first Multilayer was diablo lol well  when mmos started coming around I have wanted to build an mmo because I have plenty of idea on it the current unamed project that I want to use hero engine for description is as follows:

We are currently still developing the story of the game but the basic idea is that the are going to be three factions that are all warring with each other for control of their Own planet when a invading Alien Race comes and forces all the Factions to come together and repel the invasion ..but the idea is to start the story and game based on the Factions being at war with each other and build the story around that and explore that deeply and later on in the story arc just as the war comes to its climax the Alien invasion occurs and that's actually going to be our first expansion to the game because at the point we are going to introduce the Aliens as a Playable faction and a whole new group of classes with it.. also we are still pondering on a name for the game as we are split on three different names and this is going to be a Scifi futuristic  game taking place  quite a bit into the future and the planet this takes place on is on the verge of learning deepspace space travel..  so really we can take this game in many directions it can wind of having space travel etc...

Now a little into my game creating experience:

I have to past 6 months been learning unity3d and have been prototyping our game in unity .. and its been great .. but just a few days ago when I started looking on how to implement the server  side features and was stunned by just how much up front cost it would be compared to what Hero engine used to be I was better off forking over the 5 grand or so the Hero engine used to cost bhut now I am really glad Heroengine is moving into the revenue sharing model as I believe it works out for both us developers and hero engine as I have been drooling over getting access to hero engine for a few years now lol :) well any ways hoping to get my application approved soon for Our game so we can start building a great game and as soon as we have some art or demonstrations to show you all will be the first to see it :) 

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