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Thanks for the reply, that helps. I'm going to look over the HJ stuff before I get stuck in again, I'll look at this command and see if it may be of use as well.

Overall I think it best to follow your advice and try and limit choices, such as having pants and belts as one model.

I think it's important things look correct, but don't see the need to have more than a trouser/pant slot, that would allow some variation in models with different belts for cosmetic reasons but keep it one object for instance.

I'll keep giving it a good think.

Hi there,
I've been thinking about dynamic character parts for human characters, and wondering the best approach for something like hair and headgear to work in combination.

Assuming you'd use geometry for hair(not planning on having lice infested world), would the best solution be to have separate slots? Or would you want to check what options had been selected and then apply one model in the head attachment slot?

A bit lost here as to how to approach something that's wouldn't be a straight swap at seams.

Belts are another example, would you attach them on top? This would seem like the best approach for such items, but say you wanted to go as far as having loops in your pants and the belt fitting perfectly it would seem like it would have take multiple model for every combination to look best.

Scripting & Programming / Re: SetIgnoreCursor(false) Not Working
« on: Aug 15, 12, 07:51:51 PM »
It had something to do with me not using the "GAME" camera, I have reverted to using that now and I don't have the problem.

Good point Irushian, even better. 
I'm also pretty used to using Hungarian notation but feel conflicted working with other code for sake of consistency. ;)

EDIT: Not sure if that would be better from performance perspective actually :), small conditional over a variable? It is less to type for sure.

Scripting & Programming / Re: SetIgnoreCursor(false) Not Working
« on: Aug 12, 12, 08:12:27 PM »
Thanks for the insight Scott,

That's what I thought, doing just "if GetIgnoreCursor()" makes the most sense to me as well.

Not sure what is going wrong, I've tried a few variations and looking at various bits but basically I'm trying to run a simple toggle command that does:

Code: (hsl) [Select]
  state as Boolean = GetIgnoreCursor()
  if state == true

It seems to be working, the cursor is ignored, it will toggle between locking the cursor to the center or freeing it, but it is not doing the visibility bit and I'm lost as to why...

Also while I'm posting this block.
I'm interested in any insight into the difference it might cause expressing it instead as:

Code: (hsl) [Select]
  if GetIgnoreCursor() == true

I think I'll really need to take a look at the coding best practices properly before I start going much further....

Thanks, got it fixed it now.

The problem was with the HE_ACCC_NavigateLocal() method.
It's defining cam as "GAME" before it does the character rotation so will not do it when we swap to "FP_Camera".

I've added a check to see if we're in FPS mode and then I set cam = AddCamera("FP_Camera"), or back to "GAME" if not.

I've got to start over with a lot of this again now but this still helps a lot.

Thanks again!

If you look in the DOM Editor you'll find the mobSpawnCollection server association that it's complaining about.
You'll need to add that.

Thanks for the example it's a great help to me as I wanted to implement a very similar hybrid approach myself.

I have a problem though, the over shoulder cameras are working fine but when using the FP_Camera the player is not turning, the camera follows but the player is not orienting.

I've had a good look around but I'm kind of lost as to where the orientation of the player is set and to what has gone wrong.

I had to change the ADV_LerpCamera to E_LerpCamera, but that was about it.

Thanks again, very suitable for my needs,  just need to figure this problem out.

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