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Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Trouble starting Maya.
« on: Nov 26, 17, 01:55:06 PM »
Oh, I'm not a tard. Ish. Thank you guys.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Trouble starting Maya.
« on: Nov 25, 17, 07:34:40 PM »
I really want to develop this game.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Trouble starting Maya.
« on: Nov 25, 17, 07:34:04 PM »
YOu know, I installed Hero engine and downloaded the stuff that said maya and max, but nothing for a Maya installer. There Is no maya anywhere on my computer but I I go to the art pipeline there is a maya 2015 or whatever and then theres a hero process orm something but it just flashes a screen and here I am clueless and maybe needing a barney style explanation of how to open maya. Thank you so much for your assistance It is quite obviouse to me I need more. Thank you for your time. Do you have more. Theres no shortcut on my computer and nothing on my C drive.

Art & Art Pipeline / Trouble starting Maya.
« on: Nov 24, 17, 07:31:41 PM »
Hello I need help. I cannot find anywhere where the Maya.exe is, can someone please assist me.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Pale Sky MMO project
« on: Mar 31, 17, 05:08:15 PM »
Hey thanks thazager.

Developer Hero Projects / Pale Sky MMO project
« on: Mar 31, 17, 12:40:43 PM »
Hey everyone, just wanted to post a project I want to do, it is an MMO from the ground up to space travel, you start with nothing and may end up with everything. I think this might be cool because I want to monetize everything with real money, from your stone hatchet to your colossus ship. you want to make 20 bucks to go see a movie, go mine some iron, and when the NPC you've been selling to retires that money might funnel its way back to you. You got an idea well see if it works and you can patent it and if you to train your guys or want to build a ship and if your done dealing with pilots, program it, lets see your strategic and scripting skills. Anyway it would be a big project where you can conquer whatever you can however you want, or can, you want to talk about a universal battle, who gets to tax. I am a former US marine and perhaps have a unique aspect to warfighting. Currently I am open to anyone wanting to make a team to do this. I am just learning to script but have always wanted to make a game. Well everyone have a great day. Thanks.

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