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First thing I'd try if floating would just be restart the client.  Sometimes physics is left over from moving things, especially if you have a slow/far connection from server.

Double check that you're in the proper room - I suggest turning off auto-room selection, and keep dim other rooms on

Go to the area/room that you want to move stuff into.  Click the heightmaps you want to move (use ctrl-click for multiple or do a drag select).  Then use Bring Instances Here button, which I think is in the Seamless Links tab, but its been a while.

That should then have all the heightmaps and whatever else you had selected into your current room, and of course it removed them from the other.  At this point you should edit offset and do your stitching.

Design & World Building / Re: texturing issues
« on: Feb 26, 13, 01:52:25 PM »
Strange indeed, only time I've seen that was overlapping heightmaps.

What happens when you duplicate that particular dark heightmap?  Still dark?  (obviously move it first so it's not overlapping to get a view of it).

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Modify Materials
« on: Feb 26, 13, 09:01:19 AM »
Would've thought you could just import the dds into gimp or photoshop or whatever program you use for your artwork/dds files.  Just re-upload to same spot.

Design & World Building / Re: Water Plane Question
« on: Feb 19, 13, 07:18:26 PM »
Does the water have some depth (height) to it?  Using the width/depth/height tool, not scale

Can't tell if the pic is fooling me or if that mirror jumps up or something odd.  I can see the character standing on it, which made me think of the depth thing - should be swimming.

Design & World Building / Re: Question?
« on: Feb 19, 13, 07:12:49 PM »
I havn't done one in a while, but when I used to add an area, the camera would pan to it so I knew which direction to look for the linked area and edit the offset.

Are you adding a bunch at a time and not waiting perhaps, or just 1 at a time and nothing is showing up? 

Design & World Building / Re: Terrain texture rotation
« on: Feb 04, 13, 10:32:53 AM »
Can't rotate the texture so you could do a few different versions but seems better suited for just doing an asset. 

Also, SpeedTree does some nice roots.

Scripting & Programming / Re: /who type command.
« on: Jan 29, 13, 09:31:44 AM »
hit F5 for the Utilities, and far right tab...think it's Interface?  That'll have the who's online stuff as well so can port to them or their area.

General Discussion / Re: Issues Loading areas
« on: Jan 28, 13, 04:26:51 PM »
Do you have a lot of areas linked?  Could there per chance be too many instances open?  It'd show the message in the chat box.....or was it console.....or both?

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: favour solo pvp over team pvp
« on: Jan 28, 13, 04:24:02 PM »
You should maybe favor more solo instead of taking away from team.  Like more accuracy or bonus to this or that stat - depends on your game really.

The classic is less xp/rewards for group.

for models:  \HE\assets\insertfoldername\

for instance \HE\assets\roads\road_yellowbrick_01 - can toss both hgm & dds in there, or do an \HE\assets\textures\ setup if you feel the need to keep textures separate.

The repository & everyone's personal structure should match for the smoothest transition.

for terrain & dynamic textures, you don't need to match the repository, though it of course doesn't hurt.  Long as they're in the proper folder

I think it's \HE\world\livecontent\TerrainMaps\insertfoldername\

When you bring it into Max, the material editor will look for the folder it was in on artist's pc.  If your file structure is different, then you'll just have to re-apply.

If you want the smoothest & quickest exporting, set everything up the exact same between the pc's and of course the repository.  Just a few clicks to get proper so not a major issue, just imagine it'd get old pretty quick.

Make sure they also don't use spaces (both in file names, and any directories), and the textures can go in the same folder as the model instead of separate, but obviously personal call.

Terrain textures (along with dynamic textures) need to be in a specific folder though, which is in the wiki so I imagine they'll come across it.

I do use _n & _d on every texture, and for numbering, I do 01, 02, instead of 1, 2, since alphabetically, 10 actually comes before 2, but 02 is before 10.  It bothers me to see 1, 10, 2, 3, 4, 40, 5...etc...etc.

None of us have put our names on any of the filenames but guess it couldn't hurt.  The repository shows the email of who uploaded it so hasn't been an issue.

General Discussion / Re: Corrupt uilayer.xml
« on: Jan 22, 13, 11:00:38 AM »
Happened to me again today so I did another bug report and an email to support with dxdiag attached.

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