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please disregard the previous comment about stopStencilShape(), I found a logic error that prevented it executing.

Sorry to interrupt again.

I got a particle based system planned out, however the thought occurred to me to take another look at the HJ ref world, when I did I noticed the lineCircleMechanics input system which uses stencils to achieve what I was trying to with coloured regions instead of textures.
I've been playing with it a little and its quite nice. As such I had a few questions relating to it;

Is there a reason these external functions appear to have no documentation at all? with some experimentation and looking at the HJ example I think I've figured it out now, but some official documentation would still be appreciated for reference.

Due to it not being documented and some of the other matters surrounding it, I just wanted to check that it is not something that only draws on the heroblade and not on the player client.

and lastly, while I've been using it, setStencilShape() works well for creating and moving the stencil, my presumption was that stopStencilShape() would remove it, this doesn't appear to be the case as far as I have seen (more testing is intended for tomorrow, this could just be me) so I wanted to check what the intended functionality of that function was.

not sure how I missed that when I read that exact page previously  :-[ but its been one of those weeks

those methods will require some work to apply to more complex regions like a cylindrical annulus, but I'm sure I can manage.

Thanks for your help, that's given me a few thoughts on how to proceed.

that was my assumption, figured it didn't hurt to check, thanks for your help Cooper.

Im going to give some of those a go and do some testing, thanks for the feedback.

Two other ideas I came up with earlier today that I am not as confidant about their functionality I thought I would run past you.

Using the decal system to draw the icon
Im assuming this will function similarly to the flat disk model? and also has the downside of not being easy to move, necessitating repeatedly destroying and recreating decals to show it in a new spot.

Dynamic or kinetic physics on a model
This one I'm really not sure if it will work as I haven't played with this physics modes much if at all. Would it be possible to have a model of the targeting model and rig it, with the hope that the dynamic physics will let the bones be pulled down and drape the model across the ground to an extent (I'm aware this could look hokey as the model is repeatedly dropped and draped, was just a thought) though I'm not sure if this kind of functionality is supported, I assume not as it would run a similar issue to the cloth simulation, which was removed for obvious performance reasons.

Thanks again for your help.

I've been working on the new ability system for my project and after allot of planning and much more blundering and testing and fixing we have a basic system that more or less works.

I have a question that has arisen as a result of discussions on how to implement somewhat edge case abilities in this system.

The one that I'm unsure how to implement involves selectively aware physics. As an example, say the creation of a wall of force. This wall allows players to pass through it, but not NPC's or vis versa.

Preventing players passing through a region is simple enough with our existing implementation, just turn on physics for the prop when its created from its replicated root. However, making this representation on the server for the npc's movement is more difficult, and the subject of my confusion.

Would anyone have suggestions as to how to create a physics representation for an arbitrary piece of temporary geometry that will only effect the server side npc's and not the players, when this geometry is introduced by an ability at an arbitrary time and place.

Thanks for your help and kind regards,

Ive been working on the new ability system for my project and after allot of planning and much more blundering and testing and fixing we have a basic system that more or less works.

The question I have is more to do with presentation of this system.

Often in games when laying down a targeted ability, its effective range is represented by a highlighted region of the terrain. I want to hear other peoples thoughts on ways to implement this behaviour as the approach that immediately comes to mind for me, has several flaws.

The approach I think of immediately is to use a model much as the clean engine system does when targeting, create the model with an animated UV that appears under the targets feet. The problem with this approach is that even when correcting for a sloped surface, it does not allow for anything other than a flat terrain. If the ground slopes up within the region, the model appears below the surface, if it slopes down it appears to partially hang in mid air.

Alternative solutions I have thought of tend to revolve around using particle effects and their collision events, a less than optimal solution for performance as well as appearance reasons.

I was wondering what other solutions people have come up with to solve this issue within their own titles and if they are willing to share their insight.

Thanks and regards,

the system doesn't natively edit list of classes very well, it either expresses the class as a marshalled string (best case scenario) or it just doesn't display any elements.

I've had 3-4 cases of needing lists of classes and so far its been faster to manually make the change, but I want to come up with a better system to avoid this.

there was also talk of an approach to part of our ability system (this method has thankfully been decided against in favour of another method) of having some of the properties stored in a list of class with child classes of varying field number, the thought of managing that made me very much want an automatic system for it. Though as I said, were not using that concept any more (thankfully) so its not as pressing.

more generally I'm presently trying to expand it to be able to edit a list of class without having to write custom code for each class (a pain in the ass, but its how were handling the small number of class lists we have so far), but that's still a work in progress, Ill let people know how I go, though advice would be appreciated, I repeatedly find myself banging my head on a brick wall with this one.

ok some images taken of mine to help reference, this is the basic list editor implementation I made

I also made a derivative on this for specificity editing lookup lists, this was to speed up some particular edits that were slightly better served, and easier to manage the code side of editing in this way.

hope that helps people.

GUI Creation / Re: new interface transparent to mouse events
« on: Jul 17, 14, 10:44:12 PM »
rebuilding it form scratch appears to have worked for now, which is annoying as it is identical in structure. Oh well.

Ill let you know if any similar problems crop up while I finish debugging its functionality.

GUI Creation / Re: new interface transparent to mouse events
« on: Jul 17, 14, 07:23:56 PM »
sorry, I hadnt understood entirely what you meant the first time, I do now.

However, that still does not help. the trade interface is the only one I invoked and was the last I did so.
The only other interfaces open are the clean engine ones, which were invoked prior.

I have some free time this morning, I have some other fixes to make that wont take long, but I may just scrap the UI and reimplement it from scratch, has an annoying frequency of working for me when things like this happen.

GUI Creation / Re: new interface transparent to mouse events
« on: Jul 17, 14, 01:52:48 AM »
There wasn't any other ui on the screen when I was testing, I checked in the elements and the only one that are listed as fill are hte background elements to the ui, still cant click on any ui elements.

GUI Creation / Re: new interface transparent to mouse events
« on: Jul 16, 14, 07:53:04 AM »
not related but I do know that there is a parameter to control that, I believe its in the first 5 cells under texture in the gui editor. played with that when I was getting started

GUI Creation / new interface transparent to mouse events
« on: Jul 16, 14, 05:14:55 AM »
I recently created a new interface to service our new trading system, I implemented enough background code to do a functional test and built it.

However, upon doing do I am unable to interact with the ui in any way, nothing responds, and I have confirmed that I am generating mouse events for things behind the ui in the game world (I had a println statement running whenever mousing over another player, as this was part of how the ui was invoked, the println continued to output as I moused over the ui where the other player was behind)

I've had issues in the past where individual buttons did this, but not the whole ui. I've gone through and checked that the root ui level isn't ignoring mouse events, and neither are the other elements that need to be the subject. I'm at a loss as to what I have done wrong, could anyone pass on any advice?

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