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That is exactly what I originally tried to do, but when I set my code up that way for some reason while it compiles I get a run time error on the next line that the node 0 is not found to call method get my visible character.

this is the code I have, perhaps I missed something

Code: [Select]
untrusted function editNpc(args as LookupList indexed by String of String)
  subject as NodeRef of Class E_NonPlayerCharacter = $NPC._GetNpcByName(args["subject"])
  visible as NodeRef of Class _characterAppearance = subject.GetMyVisibleCharacter()

that it lines 21 to 24, the error occurs on line 23, the one starting "visible as noderef"

ok I once again apologise if I missed someone answering this question already but here goes.

I have a game specific implementation of npc's, this class inherits from _nonPlayerCharacter

I created a tool to edit some of the additional data that exists on these npcs, and for the most part it works, until I try to edit data that isn't part of _nonPlayerCharacter.

In my function that makes the alterations it takes the input arguments, uses $NPC._GetNpcByName to find the npc, this however returns a reference to a _nonPlayerCharacter.

looking through the methods available through the npc system node and through the npc'c class I don't see an applicable method to find my game specific class which the npc was instantiated form (defined in HE_NPCClassUsedForInstantiation as rotl_nonPlayerCharacter)

can anyone suggest how I would go about retrieving my game specific version of the same npc?

Scripting & Programming / Re: morphing geometry visualisations
« on: Feb 26, 12, 02:59:27 AM »
ok re reading my orriginal post I wasnt overly clear :P

basicly I have player characters that will have several morph controls used to customise their appearance.
When it comes to equipping armour, rather than having to make several models to use in swapping the parts system (very labour intensive in making lots of models to add one armour peice) I wanted to use a prop bucket to visualise the geometry, however with the morphed bodies this visualisation may not work strait from the file.

Currently Im not hugely familiar with the facegen morph system (Im not actively working on this feature atm) so I was looking for advice as to how to pass the necessary morph information to the prop bucket before it is instantiated and then use that to morph this prop geometry.
But as I said I dont know facegen to well so I am unsure about the considerations necessary in morphing a prop visualisation.

I hope this is clearer than my initial post, I havent played wow or aion to be honest so I cant say if it is similar to their systems but the characters will use the parts system and if I can make this work then armour will be a dynamic geometry visualisation on top of this rather than making additional models for every race to make armours a parts swap.

If this is the wrong place to put this feel free to berate me :P

My lead artist has asked me to investigate this and to be honest I wasnt sure where to start so Im hoping some of you would be able to offer me some advice.

If we have a character that employs the morphing system and want to visualise armour on them, we orriginally intended to use the part system to dynamicly swap out parts. However the previously mentioned requestor asked if it would be posible to use a type of geometry visualisation and morph it.

What way would you all recomend to create this kind of object and then to retrieve and pass the necessary morph information to the object.

I appologise if this seems overly simple but I am not 100% on much of the graphics orriented parts of the engine, nor do I know how to retrieve or use the morph system just yet.

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