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 on: Today at 05:03:44 PM 
On Wednesday May 24th starting at 9 am ET, we will be performing some maintenance on all HeroCloud servers.  Downtime for any given server is expected to be approximately 2 hours in a series of rolling maintenance windows.

As each server returns to service, we'll update this topic.

 on: Yesterday at 09:59:45 PM 
Started by Thazager - Last post by Thazager
Currently, the monkeytok is used for the NPC, so we don't have our own NPC in just yet. The field is set incombat = true when the player attacks with ability, and not changed until mob/player is dead. It should remain in combat, yet shows idle anim for player only.

The field is diff for each NPC/player, not used by all as a group. The monkeytok being attacked changes just fine, while the rest remain idle, not the player character.

I will look into setting the field using onReplicationFieldUpdated() thanks.

If A, then B. If B, then C. If A, then C? One might believe it should be.

 on: Yesterday at 08:30:36 PM 
Started by Thazager - Last post by ToY-Krun

I believe I brought up a similar issue that was never addressed by any HE staff even with video proof :(


in the other thread you had problems using the following for setting inputs if i read correctly,

$Behave._DoBehave(acct, "input BasePosture Dead")

That command would immediately be overwritten by the controller if the current animation does not match with the input value stored, as it issues new behave commands based on controller field values every frame.  to accomplish what this line appears to be intended to do, you would simply set the animation input to dead (SetAnimInput(charNode, "Idle", "Dead") )  and the animation script would take care of the rest.  unless you used a different name etc for the inputs in your custom .aas script.  Assuming that you havent completely replaced the controller script with a new one of your own design that is!

 on: Yesterday at 07:58:10 PM 
Started by Thazager - Last post by ToY-Krun
this is not a "bug" but simply due to the limited default controller and npc classes. which should be rewritten mostly by the designer of the game.

(i saw you mention a change to the controller but im not assuming its the one im referring too, if it appears it is, thats cool, skip and read on)
to solve this you should look at the E_NonPlayerCharacter class (or your custom class) and using the _onReplicationGroupAdded()  function(among several that will work), capture the npc node as it is loaded.   simply run a check to ensure the npc's animation state is set to idle (not "READY" which would be combat)

If that doesnt get you far enough, let me know.

HE's controller code is from HJ (the demo) and is designed for HJ's models, AND animations.  if you are using custom models then you WILL NEED to alter the controller script so that it does NOT place the char in combat by default (which it DOES by default).

not sure about the "bug" mentioned here but what ive described above is the issue Thaz is having.

  The controller will force every char into combat stance every frame, so its not okay to check only once.  That code itself has to be altered (in the controller).  If you're still using the HJ models however (or their animations etc) this will break them though as its the way they're designed to work.

If you've already made these edits and still have problems, let me know.
There shouldn't be any issues, if so theres probably a typo problem somewhere either in the .asq, .aas, or script.

personally i removed that block of code altogether and i check for field updates(and thus the animation used) via the player or nonPlayer char classes (onReplicationFieldUpdated())  rather than the controller as its getting run every frame, which if i read what you have correctly, would toss your char (or npc) into a loop of going from normal to combat, to normal, to combat etc.  At least it would in the controller script, as again, those methods/functions are getting run every frame on every char on your screen.

Also one other thing, if you're not changing the value of your field (e.incombat) it will continuously call SetAnimInput() which can also cause issues.  By checking it in the player/nonPlayer class using onReplicationFieldsUpdated() you can change the animation without worrying about multiple calls as it will only get called once, when the client receives a change to the field.  Hope that makes sense

 on: Yesterday at 07:51:59 PM 
Started by FI-ScottZ - Last post by FI-ScottZ
Just a note that when I clicked the link from the top of the forums to the dashboard site,

Google Chrome told me its security certificate has expired. I can continue on to the site anyways, but thought I should bring this up.

 on: May 20, 17, 01:37:02 PM 
Started by Thazager - Last post by Thazager
nocake, yes, it seems there might be a few bugs still in places we cant quite fix ourselves, source code.

GlorianLanTarini, right, the _playerCharacter class only uses _commonCharacter. But then we use E_PlayerCharacter, which does use E_CommonCharacter. We started with the base E_ scripts, made a few new using our HaV_ but mostly use the E_ . But I will check to see if that makes and changes, thanks.

Update: Using _commonCharacter without the new field added creates error.
  Not going to change any fields in the _commonCharacter, as it has no prefix its part of base engine code.

 on: May 20, 17, 01:14:50 AM 
Started by Thazager - Last post by GlorianLanTarini
Hi, Thazager.

Basic _playerCharacter class don't using E_CommonCharacter class as parent, but only _commonCharacter. So, you should check - has your_playerCharacter class E_commonCharacter as parent or not? I know it's sound very silly, but sometimes this sort of things get lost from view.

 on: May 20, 17, 12:02:58 AM 
Started by Thazager - Last post by nocake
I believe I brought up a similar issue that was never addressed by any HE staff even with video proof :(


 on: May 19, 17, 11:01:34 PM 
Started by Coryxinyaynix - Last post by Coryxinyaynix
I found a work around

 on: May 19, 17, 10:57:08 PM 
Started by Coryxinyaynix - Last post by HE-SARRENE
Hello and good evening Cory,
    I sent you a PM. :)

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