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Author Topic: Disco Flesh Pot - Tanria morpg project  (Read 2203 times)


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Disco Flesh Pot - Tanria morpg project
« on: Oct 05, 11, 04:16:33 PM »

Hello and well met, I am Nerocon. I have been silently learning and researching for a few weeks now and feel its time to introduce myself. I am the creator and leader for DFP (Disco Flesh Pot) a private gaming community currently based in the Steam Network. The group started back in the days of Doom II, and Quake as a small clan. The group has shut down, and restarted a few times as we bounce from game to game, but found a permanent home on Steam. Most recently we rampaged in Left 4 Dead as a custom server but currently we have no game servers hosted as we transition into game development.

I have been writing and designing a project I call Tanria for well over 2 years now and have gone just about as far as I can on paper. I am a writer and designer, and currently learning HSL and becoming pretty efficient in Heroblade as a world builder. The plan is to create a small game with polished mechanics that is fun to play, then hopefully find some funding enabling us to expand and create the massive side of the morpg. I wont go into much detail here about Tanria yet, but I can say it will be a nice combination of oldschool (Everquest) mixed with the modern amenities we all now expect in our mmo's. An original fantasy story line with endless possibilities for exploration and epic quest lines, coupled with a few advanced features that will bring "common sense" to player characters creating a level of immersion that has been lost in the mmorpg market.

The immediate goals of DFP is to get our devs up to speed in Heroengine and proficient with the amazing and powerful tools available to us. Our budget is practically non-existent so we will be waiting for FBX support before starting on art assets. Near future goals will be recruiting some more talent and cranking on art assets and scripting.

I am honored and feel like a kid in a candy store with the Herocloud license, the wait to get the email from Cooper saying the world is ready felt like an eternity haha, thanks to all the HE team for this opportunity to create something I have been dreaming of for years.