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Author Topic: Les grainies, La quete du mana Noir (seednies, black mana quest)  (Read 2015 times)


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the grainies is a cartoony style game.

first game made is a bricks breacker that you'll fund here:
http://blackantmaster.com/MyStore/category/game/ you can test the free demo with 10 levels or buy the full game containing 100 levels.

There is indeed for a long time, there was nothing, and god created the sun, and the earth. he see that was good, he thusi decided to create water and sky. water reflecting the sky, he seen that it was magnificient, thus he decided to create of the vegetation.

so came the first tree mana, alive magic entity of the nature.
And finally after his work, he decided to let make things. The vegetation continued to grow, recovering the rest of the earth, And the time of the peace came, God went away.
The tree mana continued to increase its leaves and its roots, giving birth has new plants populating the ground.

But the devilish mana of the nothingness, watching for its prey such a spider hidden in the shadow, Seen the sunlight. He does not authorize the life to exist and decided to send chaos to destroy the earth and the life.
The ancient mana tree seen that beasts are became crazy and disrupted the peace, beginning has to eat the others, decided to create his own defenses.

his branchs create some buds. parts of those buds falls and gave birth of seednies. They are able to manipulate the earth element and incredibly resistant.
other parts of buds changed in flowers goes flying throwgh the wind to become the neo-seednies. they can mastering the air and light power.
and same of the flowers continue to fly to the space on the north star. they gave birth to the youpies how can control power of water,ice and space.
the roots near the magma creates bulbs that gave the birth of kaarys, grainies of fire, able to masterize and control the power of fire and magma.

All were created to defend the tree mana and protect the peace on earth, but nobody know the existance of the other Seednies peoples, Separated by thousands of obstacles.
are they going to be allied and to try to find the black mana to annihilate  him, Or turn against the planet to destroy the other races?

choose your life, choose your seed and be the one!

* You can find the French forum here:

(these screens were fired from unity)

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