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98.7 Percent of Art Import Problems Are Caused by:

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...and can be solved by:

1. Ensuring you have matching directory file structures in the repository and in your art program.
2. Ensuring you have named all of your materials uniquely (many artists have never had to do this).
3. Ensuring you have set the correct scale in your art program.
4. Not skipping steps you didn't understand with the art pipeline setup instructions. :-)

Many new game developers are not used to working in shared and fixed art import pipelines, so they aren't used to having stringent path and naming conventions. Trust us, adhering to these will make you much happier in the long run. There are other things, and more complicated things capable of confusing folks, so feel free to post about any problems you have, but the list of 4 above solve almost every problem we see sent to our support lists and forums.

Go to the wiki, and follow the Art Pipeline Pages:

Yeeeeeas I agree with He-Cooper.

Just yesterday, a very fine example was solved concerning this very topic, and it can be read through here.


I think we did a good job explaing things, so feel free to check it out!

what is the other 1.3% caused by? :)

Ham Sandwiches installed next to hard disks.

What about pop tarts in the ram slots?


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