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Author Topic: Wulf Den Productions, saying a Big hello to all  (Read 1591 times)


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Wulf Den Productions, saying a Big hello to all
« on: Oct 22, 11, 04:01:57 PM »

Hello all,
The team and I are looking forward to showing you all what we have been working on in the dark recesses of our cave. With Hero Engine, we can introduce it to the light.

<edited, to properly fit the forum topics, Project has been moved to the "Tell us about your...">

Our team is made up of multi-disciplined, MMO, computer savy, and old school pencil and paper RPGers (almost a group of Nerds :)  We have artists both traditional and CG, programmers, level/set designers (who are looking forward to moving from diorama design, to a digital environment).

With the completion (feature creep still a possibility, once we start to use HeroEngine), of our design docs, we have a unified goal.

We all look forward to sharing our progress updates when available...

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