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Author Topic: Maya Hero Tools Not working properly  (Read 1321 times)


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Maya Hero Tools Not working properly
« on: Nov 25, 13, 02:49:07 PM »

According to my Scripts page in Maya, several Different .png files are missing, The GUIs are all missing, and I am unable to use anything I create in Maya in my HeroBlade or Repository Server.  I can't export to the proper file types, I can't can't convert to .gr2.  I've setup, and RE-setup my Maya 2013 for Hero Engine, to no avail.  Someone please help.


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Re: Maya Hero Tools Not working properly
« Reply #1 on: Nov 25, 13, 03:56:44 PM »

What errors are you getting exactly?

The .gr2 extension is no longer used.  The current pipeline exports .hgm files.