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Author Topic: Foxtrot 39 (Working title)  (Read 2045 times)


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Foxtrot 39 (Working title)
« on: Nov 01, 11, 03:24:07 PM »

******Moved from introduction to here******

This is still a WiP,  the main background (which I’ll share now), the concept art, level and game rules (which I’ll keep close to my chest for now..maybe I’ll share later ..ok?)

Now close your eyes and imagine this is being narrated by someone like actor Donald Sutherland…(you might need to open your eyes now to read…)

It began, as it always does…Suddenly…

Our primary colony was attacked, initially we believed it was outcasts, upset farmers, military gone rogue..

With mounting horror, we soon realised that it was something else.

The attacking forces appeared humanoid; but that assumption was based solely on the huge armoured suits they wore.   None of us had ever seen what flesh – if any – lay beneath.

Despite a furious and costly resistance, our own defense forces had been unable to bring down even a single enemy.
Our leaders decided to attempt to contact the attackers and arrange surrender but every envoy was killed.  Apparently, none lived long enough to even start pleading our case.

We were losing, there was no doubt, It would take too long to re-calibrate the “Transfer Gate” to go back to Earth and we simply could not take the risk these things would follow us home.

In desperation, my colleagues and I were asked to build a low yield very dirty nuclear device, which was placed just behind our rapidly crumbling front line.

Before detonating it, we oversaw the evacuation of the city, taking as many supplies and construction equipment as possible and hiding it in a cave system discovered and mapped around 6 months earlier.

FLASH …In less than a second most of what we had established over the last two years was destroyed, vapourised, along with what remained of our defence force.

As the dust settled our worst fears were confirmed.  Our enemy remained.

Granted they had been knocked away and stunned by the blast, but it seemed the EMP wave had caused them a few problems.  They had simply regrouped and then continued marching through the still smouldering ruins.

Twenty eight months has passed since that fateful day and we have adapted quickly to carve out a relatively comfortable new subterranean life.

We’ve managed to rebuild much of our infrastructure and living quarters below ground.  Hydroponics provide much of our food and we’ve managed to harness hydro power.

Our biggest problem is the stream of new arrivals.  The EMP from the nuke must have disabled or destroyed the main Transfer Gate, and we activated a smaller backup gate.  We hoped to get home, and also needed to let Earth know what had happened.

Unfortunately minerals in the rock restrict the returning signals, and we kept receiving more and more new arrivals.

We shut the back-up gate down to stop these incoming travelers, but the enemy above reassembled and activated the main Transfer Gate.

Travelers still came, their atoms drawn to the primary gate, unaware of the danger awaiting them.  Most were caught and killed before they even realised what was going on.

We were left with little choice to but to re-activate our gate.  We have sent a radio message into the gate but I fear it will be at least four years before the signal is received on Earth.

There are now almost 30,000 people living down here, and more keep arriving every couple of days.  Despite this, our new colony is doing surprisingly well given what we have to work with.

We have secured the tunnel system with defensive shielding and automated turrets, built mostly to keep the native life forms from venturing into populated areas.

The shielding seems to hold the enemy at bay, a mystery since it uses the same shielding technology we had covering parts of our initial colony.

About two months ago we attempted to nuke the enemy again, this time with heavier conventional weapons to backup the EMP.  However, the enemy was prepared and had improved their armour with EMP shielding.

Who is this enemy? (We need to name them)

The enemy retaliated, attacking our cave entrance with a heavy ground assault, including gas. We had no choice but to close the cave entrance.

We all thought we would die down here…but once again, fate delivered us an unexpected blessing.

A scouting party we had sent to explore an underground lake found a way out through a river system.

It was here they stumbled upon the remains of one of the enemy’s flying craft.  The craft was salvaged and initially appeared to have been downed by a volcanic eruption.

We may have found a weakness.  It seems the molten rock itself did not cause the crash, it was a mineral contained within it.

This same mineral stems from deep underground and our new home is surrounded by vast deposits of it.

We have started to experiment with the mineral, which is easy to mine, and appears to dissolve both the enemy’s armour and their other technologies.

Adaptation of the mineral into viable weapon technology began with the development of new ammunition.   An initial trial, by a hand-picked squad was a success of sorts – but it came at a hefty price.  All of the volunteers died engaging an enemy patrol, but not before managing to kill one of the four-strong enemy patrol. Our hearts go out to our poor comrades, they may have been killed but their deaths have given us a new fighting chance.

I hope more people from Earth come soon; we need fresh troops…to deliver us from darkness…..


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Re: Foxtrot 39 (Working title)
« Reply #1 on: Nov 10, 11, 02:35:09 PM »

You told me to close my eyes so I couldn't read the rest!  :P
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