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Author Topic: The start of our adventure!  (Read 1707 times)


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The start of our adventure!
« on: Nov 11, 11, 02:21:25 PM »

I would like to announce that Big Dog Game Studios will be publishing the first part of our game back story in a magazine called The Aviator, which has ties to the game and entertainment industry. The story, Kandar: Political Agenda Part 1, written by Eric Phillips (myself), will be released with the next edition of the magazine itself, and will be a prelude to an even bigger project already in the works. This will set the foundation and allow players to familiarize themselves with the world in which our upcoming game Kandar: The Eternal Realms will be set. Our game site itself, KandarUniverse.com, will be going through a major overhaul in the next couple of weeks to reflect the upcoming changes. I will update with more details as they come up.
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