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Author Topic: The Kyran Realms  (Read 1345 times)


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The Kyran Realms
« on: Nov 15, 11, 02:09:00 AM »

Hello and welcome to the first official posting of the Kyran Realms(first on these forums). While we do not have any art or videos to show you yet we have been hard at work on many fronts from writing up a proper GDD to creating some concept art and technical ideas to refining said ideas. 

The Kyran Realms is a land torn from time and space. After the Great Wars that destroyed the universe the 13 Immortals managed to saved pieces of many worlds and many peoples and bring them to a new land. This savage and Untamed Land is ripe for the taking as you arrive in a land of untold riches and even greater dangers. A land of magic... a land of technology... a land of mystery.

Some Key Features to be eventually included in the game but not nessecarily at time of release:

  • A never ending seemless world
    13 Provincial Governments
    Empty frontiers for players to build as they see fit
    Entire world built by players
    Magical abilities created by players
    Steamworks created by players
    Most items are player made
    Death has permanent consequences and can even be the end
    Total interactive world.  Climb anything, swim anywhere, destroy anything, reshape the land.
    Flying creatures and devices
    Waterbourne creatures and devices
    Flying combat and waterbased combat
    Mounted Combat
    Live FPS Style Combat - Optional Traditional RPG Style Combat
    Guns, Bows, Swords and Siege Engines
    Player built and controlled governments
    Trains and Portal Paths allow for Mass Transit.
    Skill based leveling system
    Time based/Usage Based Skill Learning

As things unfold certain information will be revealed about the game as well as videos and screenshots.

ALL INFORMATION FOUND IN THIS TOPIC ARE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF "The Arcane Haven" and it's Subsidiary "Arcane Entertainment".  Spreading of this information or attempt to duplicate it is in violation of the Intellectual Property Rights and subject to civil and perhaps criminal course.


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Re: The Kyran Realms
« Reply #1 on: Nov 15, 11, 02:14:04 AM »

The Kyran Realms now has a form of a website that although nearly entirely incomplete it is a starting point for notifying the public as to progress being made on the game and to allow for the spread of the game's awareness.

Please refer to www.facebook.com/TheKyranRealms  and hit the like button as well as spread the word to your friends on facebook so that awareness may increase.