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Author Topic: Mythic Xen Studios - Project Antresnia  (Read 2339 times)


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Mythic Xen Studios - Project Antresnia
« on: Nov 26, 11, 02:14:18 AM »

Current Team:
Charles Spivey - Myself - Programmer
Jordan Doggett - Level Designer
Tristan Lemaster - Project Coordinator
Mike Nesbit - Sound Artist
Benjamin Ash - Writer

All of us here at Mythic Xen Studios have some kind of background in games whether it be attending college for various game studies or having worked on mods or something of that nature we are all well versed in the world of games and what makes a good one. We are working on a concept that we hope can change the way MMORPG games go about its story telling and game play. We may not revolutionize the industry or anything but we would like to influence it in some way to further the development of MMO's and other genres as well.

Current Services Required:
While we are not specifically looking for any long term commitments we are looking for potential candidates to join our ranks, However at this time we are looking more at contractual work on small elements here and there as needed.

At the moment we are in dire need of a concept artist that can work very closely with the writer in getting his words into a visual form so that when the time comes, a 3D artist can then bring our story to life from the concepts created. Before we can make those models however we need a conceptual base to work with.

At this time the only service we need is a concept artist but I will be sure to update this post as we have new opportunities become available.

Future service to look for:
3D Artist
2D Texture Artists

Current Development Status:
As the HeroCloud is fairly new progress is not far. We are currently developing the full story for the game including dialog and quest lines both main and sub-quests. In order to insure proper progress however we need the concept artist to start putting a theme to the various elements of the story and quest lines in order to start getting art developed.

We have a good deal of models that we have purchased from various places that can fit a standard fantasy theme but we want to go deeper than just a standard layout.

There are two options available with regards to payments:

1. Profit sharing
This option is available to those who decide that a permanent membership is something that they would like

2. Set amount
A pre-decided amount for say a model or picture of concept art for our contract workers

We do not do hourly pay only because it can not be budgeted for effectively as we can never be sure how much it is going to cost. We can possibly negotiate some kind of payment plan but that is most likely the best we will be able to do as a small business.