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Flashing Textures, or Models not showing up in game

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so im trying to put a rock into heroengine (first asset to be put in by me btw). Im having a problem getting the textures to show up properly. the rocks is always flashing green pink and blue. what i did: game the rock a hero material texture, exported the rock into .hgm and exported the texture in .dds format. rock is called mossrock1.dds and the texture is called mossyrock_highres.dds. i put them on a both on my virtual A drive, A:\HE\Rocks. i then made a folder in my repository in the main HE folder called Rocks. The i put both the .hgm and .dds files into the folder. then i went into heroengine and put the .hgm file into my library. then i clicked add at camera and the model shows up, but with the blinking texture!!!! what do i do?

I would advise you to open your console window, and see if there are any errors showing. This is probably a texture not found issue. Did you apply the material from your HE\Rocks directory, or did you apply the texture, and then later just copied it to the HE\Rocks directory ?

likely same as your other recent problem, you forgot the _d at the end


@AuctualFantasy: 0 errors showing, just: 09:54:04: CreationObject mossrock1.hgm seems to be done. there were errors before i went back into 3dsmax and applied mossyrock_highres_d.dds but the green flashy texture is still there. And i didnt apply the texture in the repository, i just put the texture and the model into the repository, however they are in the same folder. so how would i go about applying the texture in the repository?

Most likely, you are exporting it correctly and incorrectly at the same time. In addition, I would like to add that "go about applying the texture in the repository" doesn't make sense in any way.

Try it with these steps:
1. Save the .max file and the .dds file in the folder to which the exported model should go. (e.g. C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/)
2. Open 3DS MAX and open the .max file inside the folder (e.g C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/bridge01.max)
3. Create a HeroMaterial with the .dds file in the "bridges" folder (location : C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/bridge01.dds)
4. Export the model to: C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/ and call it for example bridge01

Safety check: C:/HE/staticassets/bridges/ should contain now 3 files before uploading from your pc to the repo:
1. bridge01.max
2. bridge01.dds
3. bridge01.hgm (the exported model)

Open the repository browser, and I assume you set it up correctly:
1. Login, etc.
2. Drag the "bridges" folder to the "staticassets" folder in the repository
3. Wait a couple of miliseconds, depending on your upload-speed.


Final check in the repository:
In the repository folder HE/staticassets/bridges the following files should now show:
1. bridge01.max
2. bridge01.dds
3. bridge01.hgm (the exported model)
4. bridge01_exact_mesh.nxl (or something...)
5. bridge01.phys (the physics file)

If that isn't the case, go back to the beginning of this post, and repeat the steps again.

Finally, open up HeroBlade:
1. Login, etc.
2. Click the button "Library"
3. Right click somewhere where you wish to add the "bridge01" model and click "Add item" or something similar.
4. in the new screen, go to: HE -> staticassets -> bridge01 -> and click on "Bridge01.hgm".

Your item has now been added to your game succefully and all members can acces it now in that library once you save it.

On request, I can make a very detailed tutorial on how to do it step by step.

Lastly: Why did it go wrong in the first place?
Answer: Upon exporting, relative paths are stored in the .hgm file, meaning that if you would place the texture somewhere else after exporting and putting it in the engine, there will be an error. The relative path starts from "HE" onwards from your local machine, which is also the reason why the paths on your machine should be the same as on the cloud, and the main folder should be called "HE".

Hope this helped.


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