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Author Topic: Article on MMO's Business Models  (Read 1751 times)


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Article on MMO's Business Models
« on: Dec 15, 11, 02:09:15 PM »

This is an article from Gameindustry.biz, it is interesting, but there are a lot of opinions on the subject.

MMOs go live with the wrong business model - Vindicia

"You don't want to say that too loudly to them, but seriously, these guys need to do a lot more content before they launch. So why not price it that way?

"Why not do a paid beta initially, and tell people, it's pretty damn good and you'll be able to play, but it's not done and we're not going to fill the whole world until three months from now - but sign up today for ten bucks a month and you know what, we'll throw in the actual release and just keep it going when we come out of beta. Or five bucks a month, and move it up - or there's a whole other model, where it's ten bucks a year, and then freemium on top."

John Nelson
Developer of "Galaxy of DOOM"