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NetGeos LLC
« on: Feb 02, 12, 10:17:49 AM »

Greetings to All,

NetGeos was originally formed  several years ago by a couple of best friends to explore the possible of making games. We originally chose TGE as our engine and spent a few years (and $$$) in the garage games community trying to get things working. Not much success there :( We did launch the ModMaker weapons kit and art pack and had a few sales so not a total loss.

After a hiatus of about 5 years (lot's of life stuff happened) we are now reformed and re-energized to focus on our MMO currently code named Project Exodus!

Our backgrounds are pretty diverse. I'm an infosec and product management guy by trade and Zaggy is a network/hardware guy. Both of us are long time mmo players. Stared out on UO and moved to Wowcrack for many years. Dabbled with pretty much every other major mmo in between.

My skills lean toward to art and designer side while Zaggy loves the stats, math and eco.

Looking forward to chatting with all of you on the forums.



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