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Customizing Shaders in HeroCloud


I've updated the shader docs on the wiki http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Shader

This is an initial update, so if you have feedback on what other questions you have that aren't answered, then please post


Is there still plans for a shader editor. We would like to use cell shading... think it looks good with lower quality assets and the current terrain.

I was wondering this as well, or is there a tutorial of sorts showing the beginning steps to implementing cell shading?

There are numerous books, papers, and web sites that detail the cel shading algorithm, and assuming you know the algorithm, or can google it, there's no reason you couldn't modify the existing shaders to use cel shading today.  This would, for example, allow you to make all meshes cel shaded (or whatever).

The shader page on the wiki has enough background info to get you started.

Probably the biggest change you may need to make, is targetting the shaders to SM 3 as you may not have enough wiggle room on SM 2 due to instruction counts and arithmetic instructions. The next major release will provide the ability to specify custom shaders for each individual mesh.


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