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Author Topic: [Resolved] Questions about exporting static models with existing textures...  (Read 1083 times)


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I went through what I thought was all of the necessary tutorials but I may have missed something.  I managed to get everything I want to use updated and by working with it/playing around with it.  I can now take a textured piece of a building (which is my first simple cubic trial object) from 3D World Studio and get it into UU3D, still textured.  I can save that as an *.FBX and import that into Max and it is still textured even though it looks washed out and the model appears nearly white.

Oh yeah, the actual question here is how do I include the textures that are already on my models when exporting to HeroEngine?

In all the transfers I included the texture but according to the tutorials the preferred method is to texture it with a *.DDS (I think) in Max/Maya and THEN do the Hero Export.  The Hero export does NOT include the texture but rather provideds a link in the object to the texture in a certain directory which I gather should be the art repository.  Then the Hero Engine pulls from that directory and applies the texture.

However, when I apply the mandatory HeroMaterial all the textures just seem to go *POOF* and bye-bye texture.  Is there a workaround for this so that I do not have to keep retexturing?

BTW, I didn't notice if there was a way to convert the standard texture files that I use into (*.JPG, *.BMP, etc. etc.) into a *.DDS.

I know that including textures is less efficient than having multiple objects pull from the same texture file but I may do it if I can for a short while since we should all be making videos for HE for GDC coming up soon.  I have SO MUCH architecture for my game it just isn't funny and I really want to get as much as I can into a demo video (without retexturing ALL of it) so if anyone has a way of doing this I'd appreciate the helpful comments.
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I had that issue initially but I was able to correct it after a few trial and error attempts.
This is what I had to do, and the image below shows the test results, the models with textures inside HE.
I am not an expert, but this is what worked for me. Hope this helps.

1. Make sure you have your local directory structure exactly like the one on HE repository server.
2. Convert the textures to DDS files in which ever graphics program you use.
2a. Place them in correct directory. important
3. Open your model in 3DS Max, and go to your linked textures. Select them and edit them to be the new dds textures in the HE file structure you have locally. Also update the Hero materials to be the DDS textures. See the videos on youtube, or the notes in the Wiki about this. Video is probably the easiest.
4. Save your file to make sure you don't lose your changes in case it crashes during export. (That occasionally happens depends on the complexity of the model.)
5. In 3DS Max, make sure the textures appear correct in the model. If they don't, go back and correct before attempting to export.
6. If there are any other unneeded items like lights or cameras in the scene, they should be removed. I have noticed exports from certain 3D programs will leave those in there, so clean up in 3DS Max may be needed.
7. Export using the HE export tool inside 3DS max, select the right settings for a static model.
Make sure your export is to the matching local HE directories, "location" just like you plan to have on the server.
8. Upload via the HE repository to the same directory structure so that the textures will be referenced exactly the same location.
9. Run your world and place your model to test.
10. If it does appear without the texture, then it could be the export settings.

There maybe some tips from others in the forums relating to the export settings. Off the top of my head I don't remember what I set, but may have them in my documentation I am writing for my team.

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You will need to convert all the textures to DDS format. You can do this with photoshop plugin from NVidia website. Another solution maybe to bake all the textures to a DDS file. 3DMax has the ability to "Render to Texture" to a single DDS file. Keep in mind that baking the textures will alter your UV mapping as well as change the appearance.
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