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Author Topic: Fantasy Age(DISCONTINUED)  (Read 1670 times)


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« on: Jan 07, 12, 01:45:24 AM »

Hello everyone! I am now recruiting people for Atomic Arts. AA is a team of creative people. I will list the positions that are taken, and the ones that are empty in the bottom.

Designers: Eddie Rosa, Me
Lead Writer (story, questline): Joseph Gold
Lead Programmer: Noah Gold
Co-Programmer: Scott Feng
Website Developers: ????
Support Team (not needed until game is released): ??????
Lead Graphics Designer/Animator: Win Zaw Chit
Modelers: ???
Animators: ???
Map Designers: ???
Concept Artists: ???
Composer: ??


Long ago in ancient times, the 5 powerful elements ruled the world. The elements; Fire, Surge, Nature, Grim, and Water, were kept imprisoned and protected inside seperate crystals. The Gods protected their own crystal. One crystal was said to be in Worast, a mystical forest. Within Worast, lies the Academy of the Gifted. It is protected and ruled by the Headmaster. As the years gone by, and the story of the Elemental crystals turned into a myth. Only one Elemental Wizard believes in it. Aiden. A small child, and orphan. His father, the Headmaster, taught Aiden the 5 elements of magic. Aiden then became a powerful wizard. As more years passed by, and Aiden is a full grown wizard, he left the Academy looking for the first Elemental Crystal. Which was said to be in Worast. Aiden hiked his way into the Deep Forest, and through the Isle River. As he was confused as ever, he looked into the story deeply. He then found his answer. The crystal lies in the most ancient tree in Worast. The Great Tree. He didn't know what to do when he got to the tree. So he used his Fire element to burn the trees around him down. As bait. A few moments later, the trees grew back. Unburned. Aiden knew he made the God mad. Trees then blocked his way, leaving no escape. The God formed itself with leaves, and Aiden saw it. The crystal. Lies inside the God. So there was only one way to retrieve the crystal. By defeating the almighty Nature God. In this devistating battle, Aiden suprisingly won. He defeated the God that everyone looked up to in Worast. Aiden pulled the crystal out of the God's heart, leaving the God weak, powerless, and defeated. Aiden held up the crystal, and it started to glow in pure green. Leaves then started circling upon him, and the power of the Nature God went trapped inside Aiden. Aiden now has the power of the Nature God. He can now do anything. As Aiden felt the power streaming inside him, his father, the Headmaster, walked in front of him. With his devestating look, Aiden knew he betrayed his father. But that didn't stop him. Aiden uses the most powerful Nature spell. Only a God can cast it. Nature's Wrath. He successfully casted the spell, and weakened his father greatly. But his father attempted to block the spell, so the damage wasn't as devestating. As Aiden saw his father injured on the ground, he then fled Worast. Searching for the 4 crystals, that will make him Lord of Elements. And ruler of the world.


In the beginning of the game, you will be asked to pick one of the five elements. I will list them:


You can only choose ONE element. You will NOT use any spells from other elements. Each element has it's own unique purpose and power. For example, if I was to pick Nature, I would only be getting healing spells. But don't worry! Nature also has Attack spells. It may not be as powerful as the other classes, but you can still attack your enemies. Now for the spells. Each player will be given a spell in the first level, obviously. But you will keep getting spells in certain levels. So your first spell is at level 1. At level 5, you will be given your new spell. Then on level 10, you will be given another spell. And so on, and so on.

Pet System

I have been getting alot of comments saying that the game should have pet systems, but the game wont be having any pets for now. Once the game releases and the game develops, I will be glad to add unique pets for the players :).


Every MMO needs activities right? Well in Fantasy Age, we will be having fishing as one of the activities. You can go to any pond, or lake, and fish. There will be a variety of fishes to catch. So if your the collecting type, then you can buy a tank at the Bazaar and catch those fishes!!!

Housing System

I'm not quite sure there will be a housing system yet, but we have huge plans for it. And it's a huuuuugggeee secret! Okay...just because your patiently reading this thread doesn't mean I'm going to tell you! Ok fine. I'll give you a hint. BUILDING! Did that give it away? *sigh* I gotta shut up.


Yes, there will be PvP. Though, we wont be making a huge effort to make the PvP system epic. Instead, we will update the PvP system as the game progresses in it's release.


This system is top secret. Only team members can know. So no comment!

Why be apart of the team?

If your passionate about your work, and want to move forward into something big, Atomic Arts is your spot. One reason why you should be apart of the team is because you dont need a huge amount of skill to be apart of our projects. If your passionate and creative, then we will always have a spot for you. And if you dont know how to do certain things, no worries. We will always be there to help you. The only requirements to be apart of the team is basically be yourself. Be creative. Encourage yourself and others to succeed. And be passionate about what you do. If you want to be part of the team, and the project, please PM me or post on this thread. Thank you :)
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