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Excalibur Productions
« on: Jan 05, 12, 12:01:59 PM »

Greetings to all,

I have been active on this forum for a few months and have been reluctant to post my introduction until I had enough background to share.

First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Tony Oliveira and have been an avid gamer for longer than some of you have been alive. I have been using 3D Max, on and off, since version 3.1 creating 3D art assets as a hobby for about 10 years. I learned all there is to know about 3D modelling from books and tutorials. I also have experience with Mudbox, Poser, Photoshop and some other tools. About 8 years ago, I decided to become involved in game development. I took some Game Developing courses at the local community college and continued to hone my craft. At that time, I also started on a Design Doc for my MMO which I have had on the back burner since then. During the last 5 years, I have been evaluating various game engines from Realm Crafter to Unity and came to the conclusion that HeroEngine is the best engine for the game I plan to make.

Some of my game developing experience consists of creating art for a NeverWinter Nights Mod which was released to the community in 2005; An unreleased Stargate Mod for Ghost Recon; A 2D point and click Star Trek Adventure game demo released in 2010; and most recently, worked on a second Star Trek 2D Adventure game.

While I may not be at the skill level that some other artists here may be, I do have determination and the ability to learn fairly quickly. In addition to being a 3D artist, I recently shifted focus to the programming aspect of game development. I have some C++ and PHP programming experience and am currently learning HSL along the way.

For those wondering what "XCalPro" means, it is shorthand for Excalibur Productions which is the pseudonym for my indie design studio.

I am currently involved in two HeroEngine projects:
Traveller 6 Online
I am one of the 3D artists/coders involved in the development of this MMORPG based on the classic Paper and Pen Sci-Fi game.

Galaxy Traders
This is my own pet MMO project which I have been developing over the past few years. It takes many elements from Traveller and focuses more on space travel and shipboard combat. Currently, this is a solo spare time project which I am recruiting additional help. More information will be posted in the project forum.
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