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Here's a forum for tutorials created by you developers. I had always just thought that the wiki was a good place for all that, but I understand the need. I'll see about combing through old posts on the forums that would fit this category and move them in, but in the meantime, lemme know if you want any posts moved here, or feelfree to summarize your old helpful post, etc.

I'll subdivide this forum into child boards if folks start using it. Please also think about, once developers have posted saying they love your tutorial, posting any tutorials to the wiki as well.

I was attempting to add the Scrollable Chat Window tutorial to the Wiki, but image uploading is restricted to admins only. This make it difficult for members to post tutorials on the wiki without embedded images.

Good point. Let me see what we can do.

This thread is incredibly useful, mostly what people like me are looking for is how to achieve x without having to read the Wiki a-z first.  The examples provide a context for and a guide to the relevant parts of the wiki needed to achieve the given task. 

Thanks :)

Thought I would make a small list of the few I made. These are not as detailed in the way of how to make, but more along the lines of "How it might be made". I will also be modifying here and there as I learn more about the script, finding better ways to make it work.

GUI Basics
Dom Basics

basic window (template for other windows) and basic button (template)
Compass heading
Basic mob spawner
Window Docker
color changer window
Slider walking speed

manaBar(new DOM)
Distance to Target (displayed)
Basic LoadScreen
Basic Exit game window
online player search window
facegen and body
Clothes changer and coloring

Basic character flying
Icon system
Item system - pick up/put down
Mini map & World map in window
character portrait

changing Keybinds basic
Options window
character Selection - basic
grouping basic

Still needs work
basic guild type window
basic Elevator
Mission & Contact System


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