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Can you verify that #3 is streaming 720p beyond 2 minutes? I can download up to the first 2 minutes at 720p - beyond that its nothing.

The reason is that is the video I am having the trouble with -  It streams for the first 2 minutes and I can download the first 2.

I just started downloading the 720 version of spec #3.  It says it will be 204 MB.  Did you get all of it?

Just tried again - Seems to be working now (We tested it prior with a couple different people in different locations of the world and it wasn't working).

Not sure if someone did something - but its working(Downloading everything) as of this moment.

Yep, once I got all 204 MB it plays fine.

im stuck
i tried to do as this vid explains >>

My First HSL Script

at the first of the video he says open up your DOM editor under the windows menu. wah? there is no windows menu this vid is 6 years old and i cant find the DOM editor lol

where is it ?

sorry im absolutely new to this engine. i have never used it b4. i am just starting to learn

any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks for reading


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