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Author Topic: [Disregard]  (Read 1804 times)


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« on: Jan 16, 12, 12:24:19 PM »

I am currently involved in one HE project, and would consider joining another team.

I have years of experience in 3D Max and can model both characters and hard surface models. I can also fully rig and animate if necessary. Texturing is not my strong point.

Besides modelling, I also have a background in C++ and PHP programming which has allowed me to pick up HSL fairly quickly. I would say I have a working knowledge of HSL at this point.

I would consider joining another team that would have the following criteria:

- Must have more than 1 or 2 ACTIVE members
- Team Leaders must be skilled in at least modelling or coding and not just call themselves "designers"
- Must have a similar game vision as myself; hard Sci-Fi (eg. Firefly, Outland, Alien, 2001), sandbox game with strong crafting focus similar to SW:Galaxies.
- Team must have a clear sense of direction in the development process with some game design documents
- Team members are in constant communication with each other
- Team has set roles and has defined expectations of team members

In return, I would be able to provide my skills and knowledge to this team. I would be able to volunteer on average about 10h/wk, more or less depending on the week. If team gets funding, then of course I would devote more time.

Update:Just want to thank everyone who has contacted me with offers. I am no longer accepting invites at this time. If things change in the future, I will let you know.
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