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Elliptical Diffusion
« on: Feb 04, 12, 09:15:30 AM »

Overview of Elements: Elliptical Diffusion is the name of WCS's first attempt at a 3D MMORPG using Hero Engine.

It plays on the old retro game cliches while bringing deeper hues to the storyline, using your typical "Evil guy takes over the world" plot as a cover for the undertones beneath it. The game will focus more heavily on player and GM run events, where the playerbase and GMs create an evolving storyline based on the happenings of the world and less on flashy graphics and grind of most MMOs. You could say that this will be a heavily event-based MMORPG rather than a typical game-driven one.

We want to put the roleplaying back into "rpg". Players will be encouraged to create a completely new persona to act out the lives of their created characters within this world instead of treating it as a game. This may also encourage opposite gender roleplaying (males playing females and vice versa). Anything to get the player as immersed into the universe as possible.

While this will be a mostly GMed event game, that is not to say that it will be lacking in features. Elliptical Diffusion will come (hopefully) with most standard features of the MMORPG, and perhaps some "new" features, or heavily modified features that you see in today's typical breed of game.

We are trying to currently plan (on forum discussion) a class evolution plan that does not particularly use "leveling", but rather 'extensions' and 'experience pooling' as a means of getting stronger and inheriting more skills. This may mean that a player will use experience points themselves directly instead of having them automatically pinned at gaining levels through a bar or meter. We still want to implement a classes system as a throwback to old RPG greats, as it is a tried and true, and somewhat beloved system. We just want to do it "in a somewhat different way"that will seem fresh while still carrying that nostalgia.

Like real life and like in most story based MMORPGs, Elliptical Diffusion will have majour factions. Unlike most MMORPGs, Elliptical Diffusion will not be forcing players into those factions. Instead, both character personalities and factions will be mostly controlled at the whim of the player, and by GMs (to an extent). Perhaps a player seems like a "good" guy and then can turn completely rotten, revealing his or her true nature as a spy for the darker side. Perhaps suddenly a player will find out that he or she actually has powers beyond his or her control, that has consequences on his/her friends and enemies. All of this is possible through direct player/GM/story interaction. The game will, in essence, play like a grand RPG story, just among multiple players. If a player chooses to join a faction, that is their choice. There are in-game systems that will control aspects such as Chaos or Control, mainly how a character behaves, through a split questing system.

We aim to make a somewhat simplified choice string system that let's players sculpt their behaviours and how the world identifies them with how they go about completing quests and dialogues with NPCs and GM-run majour characters. By implementing a points system, this shouldn't be TOO difficult. We didn't want to make Good/Evil bases, and thought that Chaos or Order personalities coupled with in-game events and actions would better define a complex character personality than force them to choose between black vs. white. If you can understand what I'm saying.

In a way we are having the Chaotic/Lawful/Neutral Good/neutral/Evil combinations, but are doing it in a more subtle way so that there is elbow room for character changes and advancements throughout a player's stay in the world of Elliptical Diffusion.

GOAL: To create an anime/manga-styled semi-cliche'd MMORPG (with a slight TWIST on things) focused more on roleplaying and complete immersion into a storyline, for a projected sub-targeted audience, as a free to play game with an exclusive "member subscription club" and "cash shop" for the money maker.

Player Base: Medium to semi-small but extremely dedicated player base is what we are after. Anime, Dark fantasy/sci-fi hybrid, RPG lovers with a sharp mind for storytelling will make the community the best that it can be. Although we welcome any type of player, this is our "visioned" player base sub-genre.

Game Style: Heavily anime/manga stylized art. Dark fantasy with science fiction elements. A "second life" type game where players become a completely different persona and immerse themselves into an online world. 'Escape from reality.' Good vs. evil.

Battles: To be determined. Thinking of something based on action combos rather than point/click.

Character Creation: We really want to focus here. We not only want a decent character creation engine with tons of physical look possibilities, but also extended that into choosing a hometown/backstory bio, starting class and sub-class, and possibly "voice type". I am imagining something close (stylized wise) to this:


With perhaps a little more emphasis on simplicity of the anime style (more cartoony less detailed and realistic). I think that this style of character and creation highly reflects my personal concept art, which you can see a preview of here (WIP):

Recruiting: I will be making a recruitment thread but I am only interested in 3D modelers/animators and programmers. I have a full team but because of the specifics of this engine, that is what I will be seeking to help build this game, with promises of profit shares if and when the game does release and generate enough income. ALL of my team currently works on volunteer basis and have been with me for a long time through multiple mostly non-game related projects (we are a media team, not a game specific team).

While we do have connections to some modelers, many do not have the resources or the time to help us at this point. The scripting language is engine specific, meaning that we will need to take the time to learn it before diving into the actual game programming. Our two programmers are beginner and intermediate C# and C++ programmers working on a small 2D tactical RPG (that you saw one of the WIP character concepts for above) that will be sold commercially over online. So we are seeking at least 1 and possibly 2 persons who either have experience or would not mind learning the Hero Engine script. We are a hobbyist, relaxed team and most of us are close friends here. It'd be a pleasure to make new friends working with any of you regardless experience level.

Releases: The game will be done (whether on this engine or another, or even if it gets turned into an offline RPG, whatever). Fact. I do not leave my projects undone. Ever. Period. However, I am a disability patient so progress and time frames are NOT able to be scheduled or projected. We are a team and help each other out when one of us is too sick to work awhile. Many of us live with disabilities or have many life issues. So while we are a very reliable team, we can be a bit slow or relaxed with updates. For recruitment, if this is not a problem for you or if you need a team with flexible schedules, we're the one. We're completely understanding and not very demanding. :P Unless I die and the team breaks up without me, Elliptical Diffusion is a project that will be releasing. So no worries there.

We are a zero budget team. When I get extra cash I always pour it into the team's funds. I've bought equipment, programs, etc. for various team members as I see fit. But we are a mostly 0 budget team who is just extremely passionate about our projects enough to not care about monetary factors in coming together and making something. I think this attitude is what makes us not "go under" like most indie teams. We make something out of nothing.

Previous Concepts: Elliptical Diffusion was once a side-scroll MORPG in the making before its owner abandoned it into my care. We had a few tech demos released of the 2D build but always had issues with connecting it to multiple players on a server. In our demo, a player was able to log in, talk to NPCs, fire weapons (and climb on arrows they shoot into walls!), collect items, and fight (to a degree). After we could not wrap our heads around the networking part, we put the project on hold until we could find a suitable engine that allows for easier server set-up.

One of our team members found NetGore in the previous week or two, but as soon as we started pouring into their community and tutorials, NetGore went down and the owner spoke that he has no intention of ever reviving it. Around that time, the same member found Hero Engine, and though we'd have to be moving to 3D and learning a new scripting language, I was more than happy with how HE's community holds up, so now we are here.

I can show some of the very old WIP artworks (I won't be releasing finished sprites or concepts here for various reasons) of what the game was looking like before the moving around.

Very quickly done (about an hour 1/2) animated concept of one of the game's characters in a possible style for the game.

One of the WIP sword concepts of a main character.

The graphical style of the game (latest) before we found HE. This was a WIP version of land and a test character.

The very first build of the game, playable in a demo, with some of the graphics input. This shot was taken in-engine.

The English logo. The Japanese logo can be seen at the top of this post.

Official concept art (WIP) of a majour enemy.

A tiny animation of the main antagonist.
Conclusion: Feedback welcome. Questions welcome. I will try to post up the storyline, classes, etc. on a future date. This was to give a brief introduction to the game and team behind it. You can check out my introductory post under "White Circle Studios" in developer introduction forums here for a complete list of team members,our roles, and mastery levels of those roles.

Thanks for reading! <3
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