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Author Topic: Verum Wars - Runningbird Studios  (Read 2427 times)


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Verum Wars - Runningbird Studios
« on: Nov 28, 11, 02:37:51 PM »

We are designing a sci fi based MMO that will have 2 major factions, many professions, trainable skills from all professions so you can roll your own character how you want.  We also will have a bit of "magic" in the game known as psionics which means you can control the elements as well as bio energy to use for your psionic abilities. 

Some of the key gameplay aspects will be the ability to fly your space ship around, land on a planet, walk around or deploy your mech / vehicle and drive around.

Extensive crafting abilities, etc.

Verum Wars comes from the main rebel faction in the game named the "Verum" which means truth.
The Verum are trying to bring out the truth behind the Terran Alliance and all of their secret plans for human experimentation.

Here's the base Overview:
The Psionic War has taken its toll, Earth has begun to change for the worst.  Many species of animals and plant life have changed to suit the hostile new world thrust upon them.  What is left of humanity has nearly lost hope.  A system wide call to arms has been given but, many fear it is already to late.  Rumors are circulating that our only chance of survival is to leave our home-world.  It is a time of despair, but their are some who have not been changed.  These hardy folk (Earth NPCs) have decided to take on the hazards of this new harsh and alien world.  They still call themselves Terrans and have found "new" hope in the "old" bio-domes.  Built centuries ago to help regenerate our planet of pollution and return life to dead regions, the "Domes" have gained a new calling.  They have become our last stand against the plot that so cleverly reduced our species to its current condition and a new home from which to re-claim our dying planet.
Mars Station Narratives
Earth, It's been a long time since any of us have even seen her. That is, as more than a bright blue light in our reddish sky.  It will be good to get back, to see her up close.  Although many say she may not survive, that shes to far gone to be saved.  We must try, because this time its not just some gas giant or moon this time it's our Home-world.  And even if the rumors are true, we must not loose hope.  I choose to go back!
Fresh green, ripe for the taking, Yeah!!!  I've spent way to much time busting my gut around the red dust of this worthless planet.  Had to many close calls, to many dead ends, I've had it.  I see Earth and this military offer as a new frontier of sorts.  Well, in a new yet old kinda way.  But, the opportunities for trade, for a chance to buy my own shop even if it is irradiated, thats what I'm talking about, opportunities.  No ones gonna hold me back, not rumors, not Forsaken, not Pirates, nothing.  I'm going!
Rumors, rumors, rumors, thats all I can think about, thats all I hear about.  I have to be more calculated, its an excellent opportunity, but, what if the rumors are true.  What if Earth really is doomed and there is no chance that we can help.  What if its a trick and the military isn't really the military but setting humanity up for our final fall into oblivion.  I can't go, better to wait around on Mars and see what happens than meet my own destruction on Earth.  I don't care if it means tolerating this red planet and the dust, I'm Staying!
They need me.  I don't have the luxury of staying, of attempting to preserve my own life, when so many others are at risk or dying.  I must go, even if it means leaving everything behind.  I took an oath, I must uphold that.  If we are going to have any hope of surviving as a species we must think of more than ourselves, we must think of the greater good.  I'm going and I will make the difference!
Bottom-line, stuffs broke and I'm the guy who fixes it.  Especially at what their offering, heck, at those prices I'll fix anything.  You know, it may not seem as noble as say the Doc over there fixing people, but, its every bit as essential.  Just what do you think all those fixed up people are gonna do once their fixed, walk?  No, their gonna wanna drive in nice little self contained and armored vehicles or fly to avoid the disaster area I've heard our ol' Earth has turned into.  But, at the same time I'm mainly doing it for the money.  That's right, Mars hasn't proved to be the gold mine everyone claimed it would be.  So, the military better make sure the money keeps coming or I might start "breaking" stuff.  And that don't make anyone happy.


The Earths surface is nearly wiped clean of all life
Earth has been broken, literally, a giant rift can be seen clear down to what many consider to be Earths core
The planet, devastated by meteors and war is in a state of chaos
Most areas of the planet are uninhabitable due to extreme levels of radiation
Rumors are becoming more widespread that Earth must be deserted in order for us to survive
The last surviving members of humanity have holed up in the many bio-domes jotting the scarred landscape
All major cities and fortresses have been reduced to radioactive rubble
The Forsaken cities are still populated by the forsaken "mindless horde"
Not much is known of the Forsaken Hierarchy most assume they are destroyed
All governments or semblance of order is gone
What is left of the military has attempted to grab control and has issued a distress call, promising excellent compensation for help in containing and eliminating any existing threats
Resources are low to non-existent and the people are growing desperate
The Robots that had performed all the menial tasks for the cities after the "Alien Wars" have now taken on there own identities (seeming to have gained sentience) and created there own cities, The have joined with a group of radical mechanical augmenters and together have become the "Cytechs"
Many officials and persons of great privilege have abandoned Earth, fleeing to the many Space Stations and Colonies leaving the government and society to crumble in their wake, the populations are aware of this and many politicians who have fled now have a price on their heads
The Psionic War has ushered in new forms of weapons and weapons research but projectile systems are still the most widely used

There are 2 main factions:
The Terran Alliance : Military / Corporate
The Verum "truth" : Rebels

We always have room for more team members especially if you know 3d art :)
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Re: Verum Wars - Runningbird Studios
« Reply #1 on: Dec 08, 11, 10:55:26 PM »

Our logo for the Verum Wars.


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Re: Verum Wars - Runningbird Studios
« Reply #2 on: Feb 19, 12, 10:39:17 AM »

See the progress here:


As I always say, we are in need of more people, so any kind of help is always welcome.
3D designer and World Builder in Pirates´ Nest