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Author Topic: [RESOLVED] Running Hero Servers on GPU's instead of CPU's  (Read 2608 times)


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With the advent of faster and faster GPU's are there any plans on allowing the world servers or area servers to run on say a cluster of tesla GPU's or cluster of GTX 580's?

Server density and performance is very important so I was hoping this would work... Thanks!
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Re: Running Hero Servers on GPU's instead of CPU's
« Reply #1 on: Feb 12, 11, 07:55:05 AM »

Since we do run Physx on some of the servers, there's no reason you couldn't run with a GPU in your server.

However, there are some practical issues, mostly around cost ...

1. From testing, we haven't (at least today) seen that the load requires GPU's in the server.

2. A rack server form factor that includes GPU's is nonstandard for a datacenter, and has a higher than average footprint

3. Most customers who run their own servers utilize commodity hardware or virtualized hardware/cloud services, both of which are far cheaper today than a massive GPU solution.

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