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Author Topic: Never been good at introductions  (Read 1844 times)


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Never been good at introductions
« on: Feb 29, 12, 07:51:20 PM »

ive been playing a LOT of rpg games ever since i was a kid. Frustration over how most of the new games are dummified led me down the road of trying to make my own game, just like i want it, and hopefully so others would enjoy it too.

I have been trying to make some simple games ever since i started studying computer science about a year ago, i tried using rpg maker, some other easy game engines and such, even tried coding one myself using C. But i never really got anywhere far with it, other then laying out the ground work and planning out what i want to make. All due to increasing compling time and more and more unmanageable ammounts of code.

I have high hopes for HeroEngine, and so far, my jaw is still firmly lying down on the floor in amazement! Finally a truly mindboggling engine, with unlimited customization and awesome ways to keep track of/find your code!

Time's a wastin' forums, tutorials and wiki's need a reading, and pages upon pages of code needs writing!
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Re: Never been good at introductions
« Reply #1 on: Mar 01, 12, 10:27:37 PM »

welcome!  :D