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Author Topic: Traveller Online - Coders, Scripters, Artists and Other Designers Needed  (Read 2006 times)


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Traveller 6 Online is the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) interpretation of the classic Pen and Paper Role-PlayingGame (PnPRPG) created by Marc Miller.

Who we are
We are a small team working with Marc Miller, creator of the original Sci-Fi RPG Traveller, to turn his classic game into an MMO.  Please note that we are moving forward!  This is an established IP with a built in audience/player base and the blessing and cooperation from the game’s creator.

Get Involved
We meet via Skype every other Saturday and work between meetings online in HeroEngine and through our website forums.  We also use WebEx to share screens so we can share information and idea efficiently.
Join the forums even if you don't want to help to follow our progress.
We are in need of HSL coders.  We have all of the lore and many of the systems fleshed out but we are lacking coders.  If you have other skills, offer those as well.  We’re going to need to grow and will need more people.  Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Here are some of the features we will be implementing:
•   Extremely deep world simulation in which players can create their own gameplay using an extensive framework of tools. (Similar in concept to the old Star Wars Galaxies game.)
•   Fully realized and simulated virtual computer network (cyberspace) for computer-oriented characters to adventure in.
•   Large amount of procedural content to offset load of populating such a massive game universe.
•   Robust Crafting System.
•   Class-like, skill-based RPG play style.
•   Availability of a variety of non-human races.
•   Highly customizable player avatar with sliders for extensive control over facial and body features.
•   Dynamically adjustable (through gameplay) player attributes and skill sets eliminating the ability to "win" the game. The ability for a player to change his/her character's professional direction over time and the need to maintain proficiency will constantly provide fresh new challenges for the player throughout the duration of gameplay.
•   Player vs. Player combat in all areas with an extremely strong and clear choice/consequence system. This will include strong AI and player based authority presence in appropriate areas.
•   Highly efficient and robust gameworld-based realtime communication between players. Local communication between players should be as easy and natural as speaking, with the same limitations (distance, volume, etc). Global communications are easily handled via gameworld technology.
•   Highly dynamic, non-traditional player/mission grouping system designed to encourage socialization of experienced and new players.
•   Dynamic Event system to supplement player created events and missions.
•   Terraforming of ‘dead’ planets for player habitation.
•   Player constructed cities and housing.
•   Player controlled governments, corporations and other organizations using player customizable interfaces, accessible through mobile devices and other out-of-game options ("Play While Away").
•   Player controlled gameworld news media outlets.
•   Flyable spacecraft for local and interstellar travel, with the ability to carry passengers as well as cargo.
•   Player vehicles for planetary-based travel.
•   Ability to create custom music pieces for entertainer type characters.
•   Plant and animal DNA manipulation and animal husbandry for creating custom lifeforms useable by other players.

Mark Nielsen
Lead Designer
Skype:  nielsen.mark
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Mark Nielsen
Skype:  nielsen.mark
Second Mouse Studios:  http://www.secondmousestudios.com
Traveller 6 Online:  http://www.traveller6.com


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Your project sounds really impressive, any screenshots we can see?



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None at this time since we are still in early design stages.
Tony Oliveira aka XCalPro
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