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Author Topic: [Resolved| Adding characters/creatures into hero  (Read 1294 times)


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[Resolved| Adding characters/creatures into hero
« on: Mar 03, 12, 06:04:25 PM »

Hello to eveyone!
We are new to Hero Engine and having problems adding characters and creatures into the game, cant figure out how to add them, we been going through wiki but its no help, we configured 3ds Max and exported as hero file too but when we try to add the character nothing shows up, wiki says something about /HENPC but we cant type in the chat panel too. (( having problems with textures when we add objects too but hopefully we figure this out next time )).
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Re: Adding characters/creatures into hero
« Reply #1 on: Mar 04, 12, 04:16:00 AM »

My first mistake was that I used the ingame chat instead of the chat-window which can be found in the top menu.

With the textures: