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Author Topic: Recruting Team: Divine Shadows  (Read 1474 times)


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Recruting Team: Divine Shadows
« on: Mar 05, 12, 06:23:55 AM »

Hello everyone. I'm not exactly sure what all information people will be interested in knowing, so i'm going to post everything I can think of and if anyone has any questions they are welcome to ask!

Project Name : Divine Shadows
Website URL : http://www.divineshadowsonline.com (In the middle of being merge to HTML5/CSS3 standard, don't view it in IE8 or below and things should be fine)

Company/Publisher Name : Shining Ashes Inc.
Company/Publisher Website : http://www.shiningashes.net

Project Information : https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,2259.msg12352.html

What I'm Looking For In A Team :
Concept Artist (x2) - Someone who is good at drawing, whether it's on paper or digital, who can help come up with concept designs for characters, items, zones, zone objects, as well as HUD/GUI and Menu concepts and.
3D Artist (x2) - Someone who can do 3D rendering.
Texturing Specialist (x2) - Someone who can make texture for mesh work, as well help with making image for the HUD/GUI.
HSL Programmer (x2) - Someone who know's the HSL langauge and doesn't mind helping me learn at the same time.
Web Programmer (x1) - Someone who knows PHP and Javascript to help me manage, and finish the programming of the games website.
Audio Developer (x1) - Someone who is good with programs similar to FL Studio or any other audio developing program. The audio this will be shifting from light and dark stone, ranging from piano instrumentals to instrumental rock.

Current Team Size : 2
3D Artist - 1
HSL Programmer - Myself when I get used to the langauge

Please keep in mind that is just a start. Currently I don't have the funding to pay anyone for services, so everything is voluntary until the project makes an income. At that point all participating developers will be compensated based and current work on the project.

Other : I am switching from another game engine to this one and restarting my project. I got tired on waiting for the year to two gap between development releases. Currently I am using vBulletin as the forum service for the game, which is the core database for everything on the site. I just started working with HeroEngine and don't know how it works yet, so I need to figure out how accounts are stored and hopefully theirs a way to write information into the games database from an external source. Until them i'm not sure how accounts are gonna work. As part of my old setup I have a paid membership subscription which will allow the users access to special items, more maps, and all paid members get a 15% discount on all items from the webstore. I'll add more advatages as time goes on, but the membership would start at either $5 or $10 a month. Again the setup is up in the wind until I know how HeroEngine stores information.

Please keep in mind that is project is JUST starting and i'm still getting used to the game engine. I myself am a programmer so my main functions will be working on the scripting, but I do plan on being proactive in ever category. If you are interested in joining the project please comment below, message me, or email me at pdwight@shiningashes.net. I would greatly appreciate some help :)
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