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Author Topic: Divine Shadows  (Read 2124 times)


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Divine Shadows
« on: Mar 05, 12, 06:21:58 AM »

Project Name : Divine Shadows
Website URL : http://www.divineshadowsonline.com (In the middle of being merge to HTML5/CSS3 standard, don't view it in IE8 or below and things should be fine)

Company/Publisher Name : Shining Ashes Inc.
Company/Publisher Website : http://www.shiningashes.net

Story : One thousand years ago a great battle took place between the forces of good and evil. The Emerald Phoenix  being the protector of the land fought a great battle, but only when he know he couldn't win, he offered up his soul to seal away the evil Trinium. Though this wasn't the end. Upon the death of the Emerald Phoenix a small gem was formed from within the ashes of the great phoenix. This gem was soon to be known as the Phoenix Emerald, a small little green emerald said to hold within it the soul of the Phoenix Emerald and all his powers. Wars raged over this gem between the humans and the demons. The humans wanted to destroy the gem so it couldn't fall into the wrong hands, and the demons wanted the power to rules the worlds. Wars ranged year after year until one day all signs of the Phoenix Emerald vanished off the face of Altherion. Now the world lays in ruin, consumed by the famines of war but evil has yet given up on the search for the stone. While the world lays in ruins maybe creatures of the land have made it their goal to restore the land by collecting soul crystals, a crystallized source of energy collected when a creatures soul is extinguished, and other are still out to find the Phoenix Emerald with hopes of destroying the world!

Concept : Divine Shadows isn't intended to be like any other MMO out to date. The over all goal is to make it so that events in the world are completely controlled by what the players do. This does mean the game is probably going to be very trigger heavy. When the character starts, they will get to pick their character's race, both humanoid and demonoid races, and design what their characters look like. The game doens't have any classes at all, this is because learning spells, using weapons, armor, etc will all be based on character stats and leveling, not based on what class they are. This means that each player can customize their character to be exactly how they want the character be without restrictions based on classes. An ability system will be implemented which allows the users to level up their abilities. Xp is gained for the ability after each time the ability is used. Spell based abilities are restricted by aura count and magic ability, were physical abilties are limied by the attackers weapon type. There's a LOT more I could add but i'd be here for a few hours ;)

Interested in joining the project? Find more information here!
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Re: Divine Shadows
« Reply #1 on: Mar 13, 12, 12:27:02 AM »

Modeler for the project here, just wanting to create an update so people know this project is actually progressing, and that there actually are people working on it.
Consider this post my blog, lol

Assets are moving in nicely, and I am now very confident in my ability to get models into the engine.
Attached is a model that every player will see, and was completed when Divine Shadows was being worked on through a different engine.