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Author Topic: Hello from Ink Game Studios  (Read 1777 times)


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Hello from Ink Game Studios
« on: Mar 13, 12, 04:17:46 PM »

Hello Hero Community!

I am Phil, CEO and Co-Founder of Ink Game Studios. With my partners, James and Warin, we are working to create interactive online games.

A little about us.

I, Phil, am a 10 year Air Force veteran where I specialized in intelligence analysis and web development. I have been to Langley VA, South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Beale, CA. I was honorably discharged from the military in Aug of 2010, after which I began training for my new career in game development. I began training at the Art Institute of Sacramento and recently finished my training. Now I am the Lead Game Designer for Ink Game Studios.

My gaming experience started when I was a kid, as almost everyone. I first began playing games on my Atari trying to beat my older brother at pong. From there I moved to a Nintendo player Final Fantasy, and Mario Bro. I began my first exploration into computer gaming with Empire, an old strategic game, and MechWarrior for DOS. Once Windows 95 and 98 were released I began my online gaming with Meridian59 and The Realm. I soon graduated to EverQuest where I help Legacy of Steel pioneer Raiding with 300+ people. In 2000 I joined the military and dove into Diablo 2 as my primary game. Then DAoC came out and I was back into MMO's. WoW followed shortly after and I was hooked into that. I played WoW semi-professionally helping celebrities on the Skywall server complete MC and BWL. I played WoW for over 6 years where I tried many other games and always went back to it. I recently quit playing WoW for SWTOR which is now my primary game along with MOBA's such as League of Legends.

My name is Warin, and like Phil, I too was part of the military. I spent 3 in the army as a 19 D Cavalary Scout and finished a tour to Irag. I was honorably discharged after which I began and finished my studies at the Art Institute of Sacramento, in Game Art and Design.

I hold the position of Co-Founder, CFO, and Art Director.

My gaming experience reaches back to the time of Atari. I steadily upgraded with the systems over the years and currently own a PS3, 360, Wii, and classic PS downloads. I enjoy playing RPGs, and action games. I love the FF series, Assassin's creed, Tenchu and a plethora of other games. My expertise lie in illustration from an extensive background in comic illustration.

     My name is James,  and I did not join the military, but I did work in a lot of retail places, from Closet World, to Game Stop, I also have a back round in selling. I am 26 years old and a life time gamer. I started playing battle tech at the age of 4, I started to dabble into Dungeons and Dragons at the age of 6 along side my father who is also an advent battle tech and DnD player. I started playing video games as well at a young age, my first game was Romance of the three kingdoms on the super Nintendo and I have played a lot of every game type since. I am was a hardcore world of Warcraft player for 7 years and now currently playing League of Legends and Star wars the old republic.

     I am now the CoO and lead level designer of Ink Game Studios, putting all my game gaming experience and creativity into our products.

Thanks for listening to our rants!
Phil Raley
Co-Founder / Lead Game Designer
Ink Game Studios
email: phil@inkgamestudios.com
website: www.inkgamestudios.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/InkGameStudios