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Author Topic: Recruiting for a Tactical Shooter  (Read 1072 times)


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Recruiting for a Tactical Shooter
« on: Mar 20, 12, 10:53:05 PM »

Hello everyone, I am currently in need of every skill type for a tactical shooter. Mainly inspired from the game Rainbow Six Vegas or RBSV2.


-primarily an FPS. BUT, 3rd person when mounted against walls, desks, counters, cars etc.
-Door Breaching
-Infrared vision
-Night vision
-Many weapons and Improvised explosive devices
-Two teams Terrorists and Special Forces.
-Separate weapon types on each team
-Rank System with experience, Separate rank system for weapons. For example if you get kills or xp with a certain gun you will unlock a new attachment.
-Interactive world. Such as opening doors. Breaking windows, shoot lights out.
-Graphic preference: Medium to support some low end pc while supporting high as well.

Please send me an email to Maloney494@gmail.com if you are interested. This is a non-profit project at the moment, Depending on many factors that is subject to change.

Our team's goal is to create a simple but very comprehensive tactical shooter with capabilities to run on most pcs.