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Author Topic: HeroLab are recruiting.  (Read 1476 times)


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HeroLab are recruiting.
« on: Mar 24, 12, 01:16:02 PM »


Iīm recruiting people tu join my team and of course my project "Judgement".

Whatīs Judgement?
·Judgementīs a MMORPG game.

Itīll have quests,pve,pvp and much more.
I want to create a revolutionary game , with the spirit of a RPG but not like Wow... i mean, more "Dynamism".

What am I looking for?

  • 2D Artist
To create the concep art of the game.
All levels are acepted.
  • Programmers
To make the basic estructure of the game (Levels,quest,combat system,AI...)

If you speak spanish much better, but not essential.

Blog of the team (in spanish):http://herolab.wordpress.com/