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Author Topic: making the game social, and ways to improve story telling in a mmo  (Read 1693 times)


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sorry for bad english

i am currently work on my GDD, i have a few ideas, but my biggest concern is i want to break the molds the big boys have placed on these 2 very important aspects of a good RPG mmo.

so far i have some ideas for social intregation:

Social meta game-there will be game locations such as bars, clubs in which regularly scheduled parties exist. These parties will be a great way to obtain fame in the game, because it allows the players to interact on personal levels with each other, as well as the NPC. Once enough fame is acquired, NPC's will start giving quests, or information to the player based on how well the are liked, disliked, trusted. These quest will only be given in the party environmental, and can range from conspiracy to obtaining or locating and item or object/person type quests. There can even be party invites that are given based on social fame. And players who have bought a party room for their houses will be able to host parties, which also will allow for gaining of social fame. These party areas should be able to stream music from client to game world, so players can share there music, and create the mood they want in there party. Party areas will have theme set ups so when designing there party they can set out decorations based on the theme they choose. There will be an in game voting systems, where players can vote for things like leadership, to new “laws”. The voting will having actual in game changes to the environment to to social consequences. Once enough fame is reached, character become renowned, they can begin to run for offices, and own greater luxuries in the player houses. In parties, there should be “mini” games that a player can set up, that allow for friendly competition and rewards. There should be a large variety of game emotes.
   Fame-fame will be a system that you can advance through by earning points through character interaction, social behavior. Fame is a reward systems that will unlock abilities, as well and reward players in such ways as prices at vendors lowering, or npc's will give hints “like, hey, I heard this a area over there is a goo location for finding tech sheets.”, or, “i heard Sally will pay good money for that item.”. With higher fame you will also have the ability to vote in game by casting your vote with higher point value, so your voice is louder than someone with lower fame.
   You will be “given” fame points that you can reward other players with. these points are given to you on a weekly bases, for instance you will be given 10 points week, you hand these points out anomalously  to other players to reward them for doing something good, in your eyes; for instance, a player is really good at helping you, you can reward him with a point. Or another player is really helping new players, you can reward him. Once you have given your allotment of points, you receive bonus points for experience, and fame. Players that receive these points should also be able to use them to raise there fame level, or use them by spending them, say to lower the price on an object, or to get into a party that is restricted to higher fame level than he is normally allowed into (crashing a party). Having high fame will also unlock nicer, better looking clothes for the character.
just some ideas i have going, what do you guys think? what would you add or change and why?

and story telling has me trumped :( i haven't come up with any ideas to tell my stories in the game yet.
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